**New! DVDFab Player is out (April 30, 2020)**

New! DVDFab Player is out (April 30, 2020)


New: Introduced the Music Library feature to organize and manage local music collections in a smart way. More Info: https://www.dvdfab.cn/media-player.htm

  • Build your personal smart local music library
  • Organize and display music by albums, artists or genres
  • Auto-download metadata from major online music database
  • Create, customize and manage your own playlists
  • Like a song to add it to your Favorites list by one click
  • Professional playback visualization effect to enrich visual experience

MD5: 72DA75FD2065C1CD67FFDFC0F8CD22D4
SHA1: 7A1B3C44B76E04998EA4A838E372327E02F06452
CRC32: 4292EC87

MD5: 6C5B079AF5847C8753A2E1825A9F27EB
SHA1: CDBF5B082AD9F1F8E9BB457EBF261E6F122FC049

Note: Our server is still being updated day by day with covers of more albums and artists, which means, you might not be able to get the covers of certain old albums or artists. However, you still can manually set covers for those albums or artists.

Any feedback will be appreciated!