New! DVDFab Player is out (March 07, 2019)


New! DVDFab Player is out (March 07, 2019)…VDFAB_PLAYER_5

Fix: A no sound problem once playback starts unless the default audio track is selected.
Fix: A problem that the playback button is occasionally missing from the main interface after loading a disc from the optical drive.
Fix: A problem the subtitles fail to show up when seeking forward if external subtitles are added to Blu-ray sources.
Fix: A no video but only sound problem when playing the Blu-ray version of the concert Meltdown: Live in Mexico City.

DVDFab Player 5:
MD5: A289638FE657B8FA6C38F19CE07CD012
SHA1: E981A076BEF75DFF8E9E3FD859E6388592A13709
CRC32: BC867637

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