**New! DVDFab Downloader is released (March 05, 2021)**

New! DVDFab Downloader is released (March 05, 2021)

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DVDFab Downloader Changelog
New: DRM Video Downloader is split into multiple single modules that are now sold separately, namely, Netflix Downloader, Amazon Downloader, Disney Plus Downloader, etc. Existing paid users will be granted with all the newly renamed modules for free.
New: Renamed the Video Downloader module to YouTube Downloader.
New: Updated the CBS All Access website to the new Paramount Plus.
New: Added the support to download videos without ads from Paramount Plus with the Limited Commercials subscription account.
New: Added the support to smartly adjust the download speed with the High-Speed feature according to your own internet speed when downloading Netflix and Disney+ videos.
New: Some improvements on the software stability when downloading Netflix and Disney+ videos.
Fix: Fix: A problem that the downloaded subtitles contain illegal characters when downloading certain Netflix and Amazon videos.

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