New! DVDFab is out!



New! DVDFab is out!

New: Added the support for some new Java protections.
New: Added the support to remove the Cinavia watermarks found on By the Sea, The Lobster, Wolf Totem 3D, The Boss, The Thing (2011), The Forest (2016), Sisters, Saint Laurent and Miles Ahead.
New: Added the conversion profiles for LG G5, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
Fix: A problem that DTS-HD Master 7.1 turns into AC-3/7.1 audio when opening the Blu-ray Star Trek Tng Season 7.
Fix: A crash problem when converting Blu-ray sources to mkv.passthrough videos with PCM audio tracks.
Fix: A problem that the subtitles of the mp4 videos converted from Blu-rays are flickering in certain cases.
Fix: A noise problem when playing back the PCM audio tracks of converted .avi files in certain cases.
Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.


MD5: 583000D0DB4E7D82437C3897CA43ED56
SHA1: 24709506DCFB632B176EA8343B7980D3F55BD8FC


THX for the info,Alan! :slight_smile:
For defeating Cinavia,I have something better,but for blu-ray copyprotections,Fab is GREAT ! :iagree:


Thank you Alan.:slight_smile:


Hello, question: I have issues to copy X men apocalypse blu ray i get a message that it is not supported, what to do? Is there any possibility of soon update or maybe another program, that can do that?

Best regards-





That Movie has not been released in a lot of places yet, so you may have to wait.

Which country are you from ? What region may help


Ah ok thank you! i still hoped…


Oh now i saw yhat, country is greece region 2!


[QUOTE=kostas_d;2781826]Oh now i saw yhat, country is greece region 2![/QUOTE]
Next update Kostas;)