New! DVDFab is out!



New! DVDFab is out!
New! DVDFab is out!

New: Added support for new Java protections.
New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on BeachBody DVDs.
New: Added support to input start/end timestamps manually in Edit -> Trim.
New: Added new profile for Samsung Galaxy S6.
New: Added support to output 3D effect for subtitles when compressing 3D Blu-ray sources to BD25 size.
Fix: A problem that the subtitle is missing when compressing 3D Blu-rays to BD25 size in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the subtitle could not be displayed in PotPlayerwhen playing the MKV videos converted from Blu-ray sources in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the remuxedsubtitle is out of position when converting Blu-ray sources to SBS 3D in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the Aspect Ratio became 4:3 when converting 1440x1080 16:9 BDAV sources to regular DVD format.
Fix: An oversize problem when converting BDAV sources to DVD format in certain cases.
Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.


MD5: 15FB6F7FE6FF884DD6EE6656F4669335
SHA1: 1F5CEC5F1AB85EF2A1C4986C79C5F58D52E931DA


Thanks for the Link Alan


Thanks Alan

BD+ Support has also been updated for Kingsman US/CA version.


THX for the info,Alan! :wink:


Thanks Alan! :flower:



Just installed Audio was all grappled. Standard DVD

Went back to audio was normal.


[QUOTE=Mr.Tool;2755416]Just installed Audio was all grappled. Standard DVD[/QUOTE]

Hello Mr.Tool, Can you give me more info of this bug, such as the log, the target format? Our technical team will solve this problem for you. Thank you.:flower:


We need more information to be able to help you. DVD Copy? DVD Ripper? We need the DVDFab internal log session for this disc. You can find it in (My) Documents\DVDFab9\Log and open it with Notepad, then copy/paste the correct log session into a post or attach it as a text file.


Sorry for the delay.

DVDFab (2015/06/16  16:43:41)

 0m 00.01s: Init Public log : enabled.
 0m 00.01s: Init Private log : finish.
 0m 00.01s: App info: 2015-6-10
 0m 00.01s: App info: 9202 Official
 0m 00.01s: Init CrashReportSettings : enabled.
 0m 00.01s: Init DVDInfo_Log : enabled.
 0m 00.01s: Init Qt_Log : disabled.
 0m 00.09s: Profile Manager :: Begin Load Profile 
 0m 00.09s: Qt Translator file load success 
 0m 00.09s: App info: client type 2.
 0m 00.10s: MobilePlay load: preload successful.
 0m 00.15s: MobilePlay load: Load successful.
 0m 00.15s: Init process: Transfer settings successful.
 0m 00.15s: info: check logpath= C:/Users/Dad/Documents/DVDFab9/Log/
 0m 00.18s: info: _check_gpu is running ...
 0m 00.43s: info: check_gpu run successful 
 0m 00.43s: info: recommand= 851968, Shrink support= 1, enable= 1, cuda_cap= 0 , cpu_count= 4
 0m 00.43s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate-851973
 0m 00.43s: GPU check: GPUAccelerate setting-851968, 851968
 0m 00.45s: GPU check: CUDA cap-0
 0m 00.45s: GPU check: Support coreavc decode-0
 0m 00.45s: GPU check: Lighting shrink status-1, 1
 0m 00.45s: GPU check: Graphics info 1: Intel(R) HD Graphics : : 4,3
 0m 00.45s: Init process: Load config successful.
 0m 00.45s: Init process: Windows os type is 64bit System Windows 7.
 0m 00.45s: Init process: command line in is 
 0m 00.49s: Reg check: Option check status-Failed
 0m 00.49s: Reg check: ( HD Decrypter:1:0 )-( DVD to DVD (Gold):0:0 )-( DVD to DVD:0:0 )-( DVD to Mobile:0:0 )-( Blu-ray to Blu-ray:0:0 )-( Blu-ray to Mobile:0:0 )-( File to Mobile:0:0 )-( Blu-ray to DVD:0:0 )-( DVD to Blu-ray:0:0 )-( File to DVD:0:0 )-( File to Blu-ray:0:0 )-( File Mover:1:0 )-( Blu-ray to 3D:0:0 )-( 2D to 3D:1:0 )-( Blu-ray Decrypt:1:0 )-( DVD Decrypt:1:0 )-
 0m 00.49s: App info: language type ENU.
 0m 00.49s: App info: Install path C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDFab 9/ 
 0m 00.51s: Reg check: Start get sys number.
 0m 00.51s: Reg check: Serial number is: bc-5f-f4-d1-97-4e
 0m 00.51s: Reg check: Connect type is: 0
 0m 00.71s: Profile Manager :: End Load Profile 
 0m 02.58s: Reg check: Times of connecting error is: 0
 0m 02.58s: Reg check: Parse string: ( 2:8260762964 )( 11:8260762964 )( 20:8260762964 )( 50:8260762964 )( 80:8260762964 )( 21:8260762964 )( 22:8260762964 )( 60:8260762964 )( 70:8260762964 )( 61:8260762964 )( 62:8260762964 )( 1:0 )( OV:9202 )( BV:9197 )( S:e20a74fe48f85a8557d43818bd1e8d2f
 0m 03.08s: Reg check: thread exit normal.
 0m 03.08s: Reg check: Option check status-NewWork
 0m 03.08s: Reg check: ( HD Decrypter:1:0 )-( DVD to DVD (Gold):0:0 )-( DVD to DVD:1:1 )-( DVD to Mobile:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Blu-ray:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to Mobile:1:1 )-( File to Mobile:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to DVD:1:1 )-( DVD to Blu-ray:1:0 )-( File to DVD:1:1 )-( File to Blu-ray:1:1 )-( File Mover:1:1 )-( Blu-ray to 3D:1:1 )-( 2D to 3D:1:1 )-( Blu-ray Decrypt:1:0 )-( DVD Decrypt:1:0 )-
 0m 03.08s: Reg check: connect successful and result code is 1.
 0m 03.08s: Reg check: End check info.
 0m 03.08s: Export Blu-ray source information report : enabled
 0m 03.10s: Init process: Init GPU settings successful.
 0m 03.10s: connect plugin info : start.
 0m 03.35s: connect plugin info : 1:1
 0m 03.75s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine.
 0m 03.75s: Init preview: Begin init preview play engine(Internal).
 0m 04.29s: Init preview: Init internal engine successful.
 0m 04.73s: Burn engine: start init.
 0m 04.73s: Burn engine: set log folder.
 0m 04.73s: DVD: init read settings.
 0m 04.73s: DVD: init write settings.
 0m 04.73s: DVD: DVDInfo_SetDvdrBlocks size = 2201600
 0m 04.73s: DVD: after DVDInfo_SetDvdrBlocks
 0m 05.64s: DVD: after SetBurnEngine, Burn Type = 0
 0m 05.64s: DVD: after init write settings.
 0m 05.65s: DVD: finish init write settings.
 0m 05.65s: BD: init read settings.
 0m 05.65s: BD: init write settings.
 0m 05.65s: bd set region A
 0m 05.65s: Burn engine: config engine type-0 begin.
 0m 05.65s: Burn engine: config engine type-0 end.
 0m 05.65s: Burn engine: writer count 1.
 0m 05.65s: Burn engine: 0- D:\ [HL-DT-ST BD-RE  WH16NS40 1.00 (Ide)].
 0m 05.65s: Burn engine: end init.
 0m 06.05s: Init process: Init setting page successful.
 0m 06.06s: QtLog Mode = false 
 0m 06.06s: Show ProductsInfo Dlg 2 
 0m 17.61s: Show UI Step 2 
 0m 17.90s: Show UI Step 3 
 0m 17.90s: Start show MainUI.
 0m 17.90s: UI manager: switch to Copy mode.
 0m 18.78s: Init process: init main ui successful.
 0m 19.09s: Plugin Info : 1 exits flag = false plugin path = C:/Program Files (x86)/DVDFab 9/Plugins\VideoDownload.xml
 0m 19.11s: Init process: show main ui successful.
 0m 19.11s: DriveX msg: Init driveX D with I/O mode: 0
 0m 19.11s: opening drive D
 0m 19.11s: opened i/o
 0m 19.11s: got media type 4
 0m 19.24s: got max lba 3354615
 0m 19.24s: got disc type 10
 0m 19.28s: type DVD-VIDEO
 0m 19.28s: volume label AMERICAN_SNIPER
 0m 19.28s: DriveX msg: add media in driveX D.
 0m 19.28s: DriveX msg: send open media msg to thread for driveX D.
 0m 19.28s: Source manager:open source flag:1,1,1,1,1
 0m 19.29s: Source manager:open source flag:1,1,1,1,1
 0m 19.29s: Source manager: add source id 0.
 0m 19.29s: Source open status:DVD Yes, 2231-10-11
 0m 19.29s: Source open status:BD Yes, 2231-10-11
 0m 19.29s: internal path D:/VIDEO_TS/
 0m 19.30s: got copyright 1 fe
 0m 19.30s: key method 0
 0m 19.91s: got udf/iso
 0m 20.87s: got discinfo
 0m 20.87s: pathplayer enabled
 0m 24.82s: button: vts_1 menu_1 pgc_1 cell_1 start_0 end_1902 sector_60 count_3
 0m 32.64s: button: vts_1 menu_1 pgc_2 cell_1 start_1903 end_1959 sector_1903 count_7
 0m 32.76s: button: vts_1 menu_1 pgc_2 cell_2 start_1960 end_2017 sector_1960 count_8
 0m 32.84s: button: vts_1 menu_1 pgc_2 cell_3 start_2018 end_2073 sector_2018 count_5
 0m 32.93s: button: vts_1 menu_1 pgc_3 cell_1 start_2074 end_2127 sector_2074 count_9
 0m 36.51s: got dvdinfo
 0m 36.51s: opened dvd
 0m 37.27s: Source manager: open successful.
 0m 37.29s: Work manager: create DVD mainmoive work 0 with source 0 and uiinfo 0.
 0m 37.43s: Source manager:open source flag:1,1,1,1,1
 0m 50.35s: UILog:OnMsgToolbar_Start
 0m 50.35s: UILog:Msg Start : ready start
 0m 50.35s: UILog:Msg Start : start test run work
 0m 50.36s: UILog:right button to null, work falg = -1
 0m 50.40s: UILog:Msg Start : run work
 0m 50.40s: UILog:Run current Work.
 0m 50.40s: UILog:Begin work copy or converter.
 0m 50.40s: UILog:start running at thread.
 0m 50.40s: UILog:return flag at start running at thread ok.
 0m 50.45s: UILog:MsgWork:WorkStatus_Start
 0m 50.46s: DVD Copy
 0m 50.46s: Source: D:/
 0m 50.46s: SourceSize: 6551 MB
 0m 50.46s: OutputSize: 4300 MB
13m 37.89s: DriveX msg: remove media in driveX D.
13m 37.90s: UILog:MsgWork:WorkStatus_Start
13m 37.92s: Source manager:open source flag:1,0,1,1,1
19m 49.41s: opening drive D
19m 49.42s: opened i/o
19m 49.43s: got media type 12
19m 49.43s: got max lba 0
19m 49.43s: DriveX msg: media open(false) failed in driveX D.
19m 51.27s: Burn data size is: 4300
19m 51.72s: Burn disc space is: 4482
19m 51.73s: burn folder C:\Users\Dad\Documents\DVDFab9\Temp\MainMovie\AMERICAN_SNIPER\ with VSO
27m 25.34s: DriveX msg: remove media in driveX D.
27m 26.36s: Source manager:open source flag:1,0,1,1,1
27m 26.38s: UILog:MsgWork:current work finish : 3
27m 26.38s: connect 0 : start.
27m 26.57s: connect 0 : 1:1
32m 31.02s: UILog:OnMsgToolbar_BurnFinish
32m 31.02s: UILog:MsgWork:current work finish : 3
32m 31.02s: UILog:Run Work to end.
32m 32.31s: Source manager:open source flag:1,1,1,1,1
32m 39.69s: Exit process: stop running.
32m 39.69s: Exit process: preview pfn_releaseplayer end
32m 39.84s: Exit process: preview pfn_deinit end
32m 39.84s: Exit process: preview FreeLibrary end
32m 39.85s: Exit process: finish MainUI.
32m 39.89s: Exit process: finish FreePref.
32m 39.89s: Exit process: finish AVEditWrap Release.
 0m 00.01s:


Thanks friends! :slight_smile:


My boggle with DVD fab is always with subtitles that turn themselves on…
and that need to manually be turned off every damned time!