New! DVDFab is out!



New! DVDFab is out!

New! DVDFab is out!

New: Added support for new copy protection as found on “Dear White People” DVD.
Fix: A failure problem when compressing Blu-ray Full Disc to BD25 with CUDA GPU in certain cases.


MD5: 79CE10606C66C3307BA3D61F297B8D06
SHA1: B4ED8C128FD825E2269A8413389FFD739EB39826
CRC32: 6B06D9DD


MD5: 83B60DF08DB00517574B9CA195813083
SHA1: AB588FB38430AEDF3FA6321F23BEBBA61C7EC72C
CRC32: E12B3F8F


Cheers Alan. :flower:



Friday the 13th…update day! :bigsmile:
Thank you, for the info,Alan! :iagree:


Thanks for the Link Alan


Thanks , Alan :cool:


need update! not working for mockingjay


[QUOTE=tankeryanker;2749348]need update! not working for mockingjay[/QUOTE]
I guess they know that already. All of us are waiting.


A new Beta will be out soon for Mockingjay (v9.1.9.0) it is being compiled now. New Passkey also.