New!DVDFab Beta is out



New!DVDFab Beta is out

New!DVDFab Beta is out (August 08, 2014)

New: Added the support for new Blu-ray sources.
New: Improved the External subtitle settings in Ripper and Video Converter.
New: Improved the Crop feature in Ripper and Video Converter.

MD5: B600CF6B6D9317A58C78144B413DD48F
SHA1: B14BAE0012BD0417375C30EBCD4D87C0B777B62B
CRC32: 05AF784F

MD5: 6F319949B5A018A71EED35F1E6B302C0
SHA1: D8F05133F526386A4C3EA19E8138135002754ACD
CRC32: AF7C7948


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It should be noted that there is still no fix for the newer NVidia drivers. You must still use NVidia driver 335.23 or earlier if you want high speed Cuda to work.


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