New!DVDFab Beta is out (June 5, 2013)

New!DVDFab Beta is out

Admin Note: Please see this post before proceeding: Note: The installer for v9.0.4.4 Beta in some or all cases may pop up a box, advising you that Windows Explorer is using some files that need to be updated to continue the installation. The default option is “Close Automatically” but do NOT select it. Instead choose “Do not close”. If you choose the default, the windows desktop vanishes and does not return, at least it did this on my Win7 system. Proceed with caution! “Do not close” seems to produce a normal install, but you may wish to wait for this to be corrected.

New!DVDFab Beta is out (June 5, 2013)

New: Added support to rip Blu-ray and DVD with DTS audio to mp4 file.
Fix: A problem that should not allow user drop & drag source in home page.
Fix: A problem that cannot delete task when cancelling burning task in Copy and Creator.
Fix: A problem that cannot play back the ripped files by QuickTime.
Fix: An error 1010/1000 problem when copying Blu-ray 3D disc in certain cases.
Fix: A crash problem when ripping Blu-ray with 3d.mkv.h264.audiocopy profile, such as: HUGO_3D.iso.

Thanks WeeHappyPixie. :flower:


New build has been released that fixes the install problem. If you re-download it should be fine.