**New! DVDFab is out (December 29, 2020)**

New! DVDFab is out (December 29, 2020)

DVDFab Changelog
New: Added the “For Old Movie” training model in the Enlarger AI to enlarge the old movies before 1980.
New: Added the “Ultra+Deinterlace (Fast)” training model in the Enlarger AI to deinterlace videos much better and faster than “Ultra".
New: Added the support for TrueHD 5.1 audio encoding in MKV relevant conversion profiles in the Ripper and Video Converter modules.
New: Added the support for WMV videos as source in the Creator module.
Fix: A problem that the auto-shutdown feature does not work in certain cases.

DVDFab 32-bit (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: dvdfab12_12015_4b9b5bfa.exe
MD5: 4b9b5bfa4539ee355d6bfb27f74649f0
SHA1: d0883f62a0b89136044e170b55dbecbc878deb3f
CRC32: 4b40ea2e

DVDFab 64-bit (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: dvdfab12_x64_12015_668c2873.exe
MD5: 668c28733bbdf73536a6329caa9b79a8
SHA1: 9ab0d40f848ce9f4d5bfe4b09d5d4109ce2ac26f
CRC32: 7c06aff9

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