**New! DVDFab is out (December 23, 2020)**

New! DVDFab is out (December 23, 2020)


DVDFab Changelog
New: Added the MP4.TrueHD.eARC conversion profile in the Blu-ray Ripper and UHD Ripper modules to preserve the TrueHD audio tracks. (To play back the TrueHD audio, your TV needs to support the HDMI-eARC.)
New: Improved the Live Update feature.
Fix: A problem that the movie cover fails to show up at the main interface in certain cases.
Fix: A problem that the DVD to Blu-ray conversion still shows as success despite being cancelled in the middle of the conversion.

DVDFab 32-bit (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: dvdfab12_12014_dfb9ba0d.exe
MD5: dfb9ba0d1f44401caf981edf2d34aac3
SHA1: b9cbb4cd8d788e136ca45784a2e61604b4a9f8f9
CRC32: d26584ee

DVDFab 64-bit (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: dvdfab12_x64_12014_b04844db.exe
MD5: b04844dbde9e15dad9a94380e5921b39
SHA1: 4e5b398dca0b1c4f115116a68d4d5de51e3ea769
CRC32: 39772453