**New! DVDFab is out (October 15, 2020)**

New! DVDFab is out (October 15, 2020)


DVDFab Changelog
Fix: An H.265 custom setting problem in the Video Converter module.
Fix: A problem that the HDR10 content in certain videos cannot be recognized.

DVDFab 32-bit (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: dvdfab12_12002_1912480f.exe
MD5: 1912480f40c12e267f7e76a01a5cf108
SHA1: 3850d2911e5d0ab6f56be17724a38a146f7da0fc
CRC32: 292918c6

DVDFab 64-bit (Offline vers.):
FullFileName: dvdfab12_x64_12002_a107ff23.exe
MD5: a107ff23de0f52b23cc0b8fc4448ed77
SHA1: bce9a925aa93c11896d8328e04e4131c30b68157
CRC32: 19863789