New! DVDFab is out (March 16, 2020)

New! DVDFab is out (March 16, 2020)

  • New: Added the support for some new BD-J protections.
  • New: Improved the support for Java protected 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays (Midway and Knives Out) to allow the backup discs with Full Disc or Clone mode be played on physical 4K UHD Players, such as OPPO 203.
  • Fix: A problem that the BDInfo feature cannot accurately scan the bit rate of TrueHD audios.

DVDFab 32-bit (Offline vers.):
MD5: 7403DE691B103AEDFFF17B4DE10DFAB0
SHA1: 8BB8410C499DE280EE138A79324A4B9067CBBF4D
CRC32: 39BEFB57

DVDFab 64-bit (Offline vers.):
MD5: FD80A67E583A6935D0C4256FB518CF39
SHA1: 17E694890D08617E650F20F028DEBDF8E2553B1C
CRC32: 6D6DB74B

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User Manual for DVDFab v11 (pdf)

DVDFab log default location:
For Windows: C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab11\Log
For Mac: Finder> Documents> DVDFab11> Log

DVDFab Player 6:
For Windows:C:\Users\User Name\Documents\DVDFab Player 6\Log

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