New! DVDFab 10 for Linux is released

New! DVDFab 10 for Linux is released out.
Hi All,

Our first version of DVDFab for Linux gets released!

Being an Alpha version, there might be some functions that still cannot work properly for the time being, some features even might be missing as for now, but they will be polished through the course of upcoming releases.

Download from:

How to Install on Linux:

  • Open Terminal
  • Run chomd +x
  • Run ./

Tested OS: the Alpha version has been tested on the Ubuntu system only as of now, but you can also test it on other versions of Linux.

What to Try:
Copy a Blu-ray in Full Disc and Main Movie modes
Copy a DVD in Full Disc and Main Movie modes
Convert videos in the Converter module
Produce a DVD or Blu-ray with the Creator module
Convert a Blu-ray to DVD

Known Issues:
The preview feature might not work properly as of now;
The video edit feature might not work properly as of now;
The Customize, Split, Merge, DVD to Blu-ray features might not work properly as of now;
It might cause the software to freeze when compressing Blu-rays to BD25 size in certain cases.

MD5: F2B820DA1B20F8634AB155F68BA42EA6
SHA1: 031CEEE7BBB8B64A92053706C84F744834A1AE46
CRC32: 0547F84D

Thanks for the Link Alan

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I tried it, couldn’t get registration to work. Anyone know any workarounds?

Not sure if you have to buy it. Did you? Just because you own the Windows version doesn’t mean you own the Linux version.

No, I have a license for the Windows version.

Well thats why you cant register it. LOL

I looked through their site but don’t see where I can purchase a license for the Linux version.

That is because it is an alpha for testing only you can not purchase it yet it has not even gone to beta yet they are looking for people who run linux to try it out.

It works fine, I tried it with 3 different distros.

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That is good news Fab sure is sure way ahead of any company now Linux unreal.

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Hi all, the first official dvdfab Linux version finally came out. It supports Ubuntu 16.04 and above.

Compared to the 1st Alpha version released about two months ago, the 1st official version is a huge improvement, in regards to both feature sets and stability. This official Linux version has almost 85% of the features presented in the Windows and macOS siblings, except only for the Cinavia series, DRM removal utility, and also the Preview and Video Edit features in the Ripper and Converter modules. Those missing modules and features will be ready in just a few more weeks. However, the DRM Removal utility shall never board the Linux version, due to the simple fact that there is no iTunes available on the Linux OS, either.

Download here :

Buy here: (You can save more if you have two operating system.)

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