New! DVDFab is out (September 27, 2017)

New! DVDFab is out (September 27, 2017)

New: Added the iOS 11 support to the Screen Recorder & Editor for iOS module.
New: Introduced the Hi-Fi Audio Converter module to convert Blu-rays, especially music Blu-rays, to lossless Hi-Fi FLAC and WAV audio files. More Info:
New: Added the support to remove the Cinavia watermarks found on The Shack (Blu-ray version) and Allegiant (DVD version).
New: Added the ‘3D MKV.MVC’ and ‘3D MKV.MVC Passthrough’ conversion profiles.
New: Added the conversion profile for the recently released Apple TV 4K.
New: Added the support to send the movies converted by DRM Removal for Apple directly to the Movie Server.
New: Improved the support for detecting the 4K UltraHD discs.
Fix: The conversion failure problems when converting certain discs.
Fix: The failure problem when converting Cinavia protected Blu-ray source to mp4 in certain cases.
Fix: A freeze problem when removing the DRM encryptions from Apple Music if users update to iTunes 12.7 in certain cases.
Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.

MD5: 9B0CE0286CC0654F41A30273BF340B2F
SHA1: 649A8AAE3772F8E70CB7D0C5B92787E1AE7D03C9

Am I the only one who noticed it odd that the download link for the x64 version is pointing to The last official x64 release had been so why point to an even older version rather than x64? Or was there a reason why the newer x64 version[s] were pulled?

I will look into that, thanks DLAD.

Here you go DLAD, my fault, I am sorry I missed it.

Not your fault at all, alan1476. The download link was working improperly on DVDFab’s website. That’s not your responsibility. :slight_smile: I just happened to notice and found it quite odd especially when no one else commented on it. Regardless, it’s now resolved so that’s good for everyone. Thanks!