New! DVDFab Beta is out (June 23, 2017)

New! DVDFab Beta is out (June 23, 2017)

New: Introduced the new tool BDFix available under the Utility tab. More Info:
New: Improved the incremental update feature.
Fix: Fixed the problem that BDInfo scans incorrect bitrate in certain cases.
Fix: Fixed the pixelization problem when ripping to AVI videos.
Fix: Some minor fixes and improvements.

MD5: 5CEF00B2C9C074D7DE92827E2B627C0D
SHA1: 28F25F3087F0D2AC315D1A478499A9D005F38DF7
CRC32: 0A008C80

Downloaded it and everytime l try to open it l get this message ( Not Responding ) so l uninstalled it reinstall it and keep getting same message. l can’t get into it to check anything all l get is a black box on screen so l try installing other 1.0.0. and all of them open no problem uninstall again restart my computer reinstall and again l get only black box on screen with the message ( Not Responding ) Why is it only this program that won’t open when others will ??? Help Please

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I have no idea Kimmy, I do not have that issue , and if it was a Fab problem this board would be lit up like a Christmas tree with people complaining, I don’t even see it on the Fab forum at all. It sounds like it may be an OS issue. I really cant help if I am not at your computer. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling?

Fixed it. I now know why. It was my Norton Internet Security that was stopping the program. have changed the setting to allow and now l have no problem… See l learn something new again