New! DVDFab is out!

New! DVDFab is out!
New! DVDFab is out!

New: Added the support for some new Blu-ray JAVA protections.
New: Added the support to remove Cinavia watermarks on the Blu-ray versions of Hacksaw Ridge, Julieta, Love Is Strange, A Street Cat Named Bob, Sing and the DVD version of Now You See Me 2.
New: Added the support for iTunes 12.6 in DRM Removal.
New: Added the support to remove the DRM encryptions of Audiobooks and music videos.
New: Improved the support for DRM Removal.
Fix: Improved the support for the Preview feature.
Fix: Improved the support for the conversion engine.
Fix: A problem that the video bitrate cannot be set manually in Advanced Settings if AVI XVID profile is selected.
Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.

MD5: A0545A3A8890F88BDF39DE99FD1AAADD
SHA1: 89041E72A2B8029E0A41631CF81B3AC7F198DD40
CRC32: A468D708

Thanks for the Link Alan

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Thanks Alan, while l have you l have question about Cinavia for standard DVDs. I have bought lifetime of updates for Cinavia standard DVDs and yet Blu-Ray gets all the good movies to remove watermark and last update and this update we get only one movie to remove the mark and it is the same as last update. Does Blu-Ray get priority first and standard DVDs seconds. I had to buy Cinavia removal in Canadain funds which was a lot of money for me. Thanks for giving this post a reading.


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Yes, I doubt they will ever remove Cinavia from DVDs, Bluray is where mostly all of it is at. Reg DVDs are starting to fade as the new UHD comes into its own.

Thanks for the reply, Good to know they had no problem taking my money. Good to know that they sell a product ( Cinavia )they have no attention of removing Cinavia from standard DVDs, and last Good to know l did not get what l paid for yet they have no problem selling it in standard form for regular DVDs

Actually they do remove Cinavia from DVD’s It’s just not top priority, the list is smaller but growing.

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Yup. I knew there was a few but I didnt think it was a priority.

Update on update.
Yesterday the auto update didn’t happen, this morning it did. I leave it a day and that seems to fix the problem.


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Thanks Voxsmart:slight_smile: