New! DVDFab is out!


New! DVDFab is out!

Fix: A problem that the movies cannot be displayed in DRM Removal in certain cases.
Fix: A noise problem when playing the converted DRM-free M4A files in certain cases.
Fix: A noise problem when converting DVD sources to MP4 format with mp2 audio tracks in certain cases.

MD5: 069EEF1317312DAB18A3C542725047B5
SHA1: 1D8D16B94E5688CB2557021408846FEB49451F39
CRC32: 0AD49022



THX for the info,Alan ! :slight_smile:


My Fab 10 used to show an update screen when loaded, it doesn’t do that any more?
I have to download the updated version from the Fab website and re register it every time.
Do you all have to do this, or is there something strange going on? (Windows 10 BTW)




It only does that on new versions, not betas, and yes it still works for me. Look at your settings and check that you have it enabled.


Hi Alan,
it only does that on new versions”? Do you mean new installs? It’s not beta and all the settings are correct. I think it may be something to do with timing, I’m going to wait a few days, then try and see if the update screen appears after opening Fab 10. (A busy server maybe?)

Thanks for the suggestions Alan, If it works for you, it must work for me.



No I mean Installs like this one I posted, anything thats not a beta. It should have worked for you, why dont you uninstall it and re-install it, its easy. All you need is your member password.


Thanks again Alan, I hate to say this, but I have reinstalled and used my member password to to register it again. I’m going to try not to worry about the update and just use the programme when I need it and see if the auto update works. A busy server is all I can think of now.
I will let you know what happens after the next update.

Of course it could be Windows 10 assing around again. It is a new bought genuine install as the update was very poor. The rig 10 is on isn’t that old, so 10 should work fine, but a few things are screwy with it on occasions. Windows 7 worked perfectly on it previously.



Not sure where to ask. I have standard DVDs and bought lifetime of Cinavia removal and l have up to date on DVDFab and it shows it will take 23hrs to remove Cinavia from Minions 27hrs to remove Kick ass 2 and 21 hrs to remove Secret life of pets. How can l remove Cinavia faster then all these hours. What am l doing wrong


The only thing that would cause that is an old laptop with a very poor GPU that doesnt work with CUDA. Using XP would also cause slow processing.


Sorry that is wrong. I am using a computer and before l updated it to this then problem started. When I did Jurassic World with last Update l did it within 5 mins now l see in this one it is real slow and not sure what to do. l have uninstall DVDFab then reinstall it and now it takes 23 hrs. Did l change any settings l just don’t know. I just found out that DVDFab mini works fast and it did remove Cinavia within 5 to 10 mins Is mini the one l should use ???


I was just guessing why your computer was processing slowly, you forgot to mention it was only that one disc. I have no idea why that disc is processing so slowly, and you could try the mini, I have never used it, but why dont you try it and get back to us.


I feel like an idiot. I used DVDFab mini and it removed it in 5 mins. It is also a lot easier to use to remove Cinavia . Why the DVDFab takes so long l just don’t know what l did to that program but just used the Mini and it shows that it removed Cinavia from Secret life of Pets. Wow this is mind blowing and guess l will just use mini instead cause it worked great and now l got backup playing and looks good so far.


You see, you live and learn, now I know the mini works as well if not better than the regular program, thank you for providing the forum with that help. I am glad you are sorted and hope that you have no other issues. Thank you for posting.


alan1476. Why are you such a genius! Haha, i like how you are so helpful and always have an answer. I really like this forum because i am constantly learning thats it’s just incredible!


I learned all I know from people and members like you. Great to have you here.


Thank you. I must say, i have learned quite a lot from you.


I wish we had more members like you. Thank you for your input.