New DVD9 Drive

I recently purchased a new Memorex 510L DVD ±RW It supports Dual Layer or DVD9. The drive came bundled with Nero. Turns out that the software is not permanent, it times out after 30 days. I wouldn’t want it anyway because, ironically, it does not seem to support dual layer recording. I could buy their full product for $79, but…

I want to record long videos, up to 3.5 hours. I want them to be in very good quality but not high definition. I have tried several software titles. One told me I didn’t have enough room and degraded the video to such an extent I could barely see the images for all the pixelation. That was NEO DVD 7. Another, Burn4Free managed to burn the only about 2 hours, but I had to break video segments into less than 4 gigabyte files. The resylting video was less than satisfactory. Rather choppy and the colors had paled.

Yes, I am using the DL discs.

What software out there can actually burn the near 4 hours Dual Layer is rated at? I cannot even get from the product specs that software supports DL. Some specifically mention Blu Ray. Where are the comparison charts.

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, If I were you I would return the drive and buy BenQ drive(if you can find one) or NEC or Lite-On. As for DL disc and software to burn it the best media for DL is Verbatim (in my opinion) and software to burn it with my choice would be DVD Decrypter or ImagBurn both free software.

I can certainly get the Verbatim discs. No problem. I didn’t specifically say before, I am trying to transfer recorded TV stored on my TiVo to DVD. I have the recordings. I have a Hauppage PVR 150. That will allow me to capture the video to my hard drive in MPEG 2 format. Typical football game will be a bit less than 19 gigabytes if I do it in one file. At this time, I am not trying to duplicate other DVDs. Mainly, I want to capture and burn TV sources or from my own video tapes which I have Firewire DV capability.

Do those two titles support this effort?