New DVD2SVCD update

There is a new update to DVD2SVCD, ver 1.1.0 Build 1b, from

You must have ver 1.1.0 Build 1 or 1a installed first before updating.

Change log is:

28 nov 2002 version 1.1.0 build 1b

  • Enhancement: An “AddBorders(0,0,0,0)” line in the avisynth script is now deleted (it is not needed when no borders is added and it slows down the process a bit if it’s there.Thanks to Clixo for the testing)
  • Bug fix: The Audio Tracks list was not reset between reloads of different IFO files.
  • Bug fix: “Unable to write to DVD2SVCD.INI” is hopefully fixed now.
  • Bug fix: The DVD chapters is now extracted correctly (could be a few seconds off in the former versions).
  • Enhancement: Added a new LastCD Picture. Thanks to Angelo (who also made the default titlepicture)
  • Bug fix: The bad outlines of the subs is fixed (sorry guys, an experiment I had made which I forgot to reverse)

And now there is even a 1.1.0 Build 1c update:

01 dec 2002 version 1.1.0 build 1c

  • Bug Fix: Sometimes subtitles would dissapear at once, fixed (thanks to Arianos and others)
  • Revert: Reenabled the use of MADPlay when converting AVI movies (seems a tad more stable when converting mp3 audio).