New DVD2SVCD aka DVD2DVD - 1.2.2 Build 1 Bundle released



I just posted the article New DVD2SVCD aka DVD2DVD - 1.2.2 Build 1 Bundle released.

  damiandimitri used our news submit to tell us "This is what I use with Cinema Craft  Encoder or CCE to get high quality SVCD's or DVD's." DVD2SVCD, what exactly is  it used for? DVD2SVCD...
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Still the best there is for converting AVI’s to DVD/SVCD, and has more options than you can shake a big stick at. Pure class:)


Yup…agreed :slight_smile: I just did Dawn of the Dead from divX to dvd using CCE. Compared to Nero, it doesn’t have the grain and other artefacts affecting the quality.


Just superb. Thanks to the guys on ClubCDFreaks for recommending it.:slight_smile: