New DVD writer to buy. Any suggestion?

Hi guys. I have to buy a new DVD writer. I didn’t know Sony-Optiarc is not on the busines anymore. I like these drive very much. It’s difficult to find some. I have a AD-7173A that doesn’t write anymore because of “Power calibration problem”. But no problem to read. I have also a LG GH24NS70 but i think it writes very bad. The dvd surface is not homogeneous. I mean there are some parts bright coloured and some parts dark (it seems to be not written). My Optiarc has indeed some problem to read dvds made by my LG. Now i read that the most part of Pioneer, Plextor and ASUS drives are made by Lite-ON. It is true? In the end i want to know some model of good drives i can choose. My use is quite normal: storing data, .mkv files and so on. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

Sorry…my LG is GH22NS70 and not GH24NS70. There is no suggestion on the matter?

I would look for a Pioneer drive first, then a Samsung and in if cant find any of these two then move one to an ASUS or a Liteon.
I am sure that almost every new drive uses mediatek chipsets, but there should be differences in the firmware and in the optics.

Thank you for your answer. Could you tell me some model from Pioneer? Then i read that in generale all drives has one of two chipset brand: NEC or Mediatek. Which is the best? In a shop near my home i found this drive: SAMSUNG SH224DB/BEBE. Any opinion about it? Thanks.

By the way, Pioneer is only delivering new BluRay Burner units now (the “207” series was replaced many months ago by the current “208” series), and they have good reputations as both DVD and BluRay burners.

If you can find ‘new’ (boxed, unused) Pioneer DVD burners, those can be rare, expensive and highly-sought-after.

Unless you’re concerned about being able to burn at 24x… In the US you can still get new AD-7200S drives from ebay for a reasonable price. Not sure if that’s an option where you live.

Thanks. You’re right: it’s not the option because i live in Italy. I found on e-commerce two Pioner driver: DVR-221BK and DVR-S21LWK. Any opinion? Thanks

Neither is probably worth buying. The 217 is generally regarded to be the last Pioneer DVD burner of any note.

[QUOTE=Stereodude;2709595]Neither is probably worth buying. The 217 is generally regarded to be the last Pioneer DVD burner of any note.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for your answer. Just to know if i understood what you said well: are saying that 221 and S21L are not so good drives compared to 217?

I think he’s saying that the “17” series (117 and 217) are the last good Pioneer DVD burners.

We ordered a half-dozen 118s and while their burn quality and reading is fine, they have a terrible mechanism that can mis-grab a disk and spin it at high speeds, shattering it inside the unit. Not just crack. But explode it. Like, into a hundred shards!

If it was just one unit, well… but we’ve had 3 of those half-dozen do this. This is beyond ‘coincidence’ then and looks like a very serious design issue. The remaining drives are still functional, but those users are warned to always be very VERY careful in loading disks to play or burn. VERY precise loading is required.

I had hopes that the 20 & 21 series would be superior, but we’ve moved into Pioneer BluRay burners instead with a return to the good Pioneer standards.

Thank you for your answer [B]Christine[/B]. Now i find in various shops around these drives (and good prices):


Your suggestion about them? I just look for a drive that writes with quality (with bitsetting for dvd-rom if possible). I am not interested in scanning. In general i always used Verbatim DVD-R MCC03RG20 at 8x. Thanks.

No answer?

(Sorry for the delay. My busy season is here, and I managed to forget to check this sub-forum.)

I have no experience on any of these. If I recall, the Lite-On BluRay Burners have been degraded, but I’m not certain these later DVD burners have. The ASUS gets occasional nods as do the Samsungs. I am a poor one to recommend because I don’t know if I believe in “reputations” at all - everything is hit or miss, in my opinion.

Thanks for your answer Christine. For a very cheap price i can choose:


I see there are small info about Samsung. Which choice is the best? Thanks.

You might base a choice on whichever one has Firmware Support, but at this juncture - since DVD burners are being phased out - I have a feeling few new products will ever have substantial firmware updates.

My next notion would be, “Which product do you think is more commonly available? Do you see more Samsungs or more Lite-On’s?” (Probably you see the name “Samsung” far more often. But notice the computer catalogs.)

This drive, by the way, will die one day. No matter which one you choose. IF you buy the more commonly available one, you might be able to find its replacement in a year or so, but probably not much longer.

Or you might get both IF they’re a low-enough price.