New DVD war could be looming round the corner!



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Even though I despise Sony, I think blu-ray will win through. Least Sony are working with others this time rather than make their own format and claim all the royalties to themselves! 1. Blu-Ray is backed by more companies than HD-DVD. 2. Discs are 50gb dual layer instead of 30gb for HD-DVD 3. 1 Movie company has already showed support for it. 4. PC drives are already out, so we can backup our movies (once DVD-Jon has cracked the protection :wink: ). 5. Blu-Ray sounds cool, HD-DVD sounds gay.


Gotta remember though that HD-DVD gonna have Microcrap’s blessing so prepare to see WMP10 having HD-DVD playing back abilities while M$ cripples Blu-Ray all it can. Might not seem important for now with Sony pushing Blu-Ray, but I see alot more WMV files than I would like these days. Course M$ want’s to push software DRM more than hardware DRM so that’s a plus I guess. But Blu-Ray all the Way! 50 gigs woooo! Two disc’s and my whole hard drive will be useless! Can’t wait to see Blu-Ray Games but I’m not replacing my DVD Collection any time soon.


Umm… I thought Microsoft is already supporting Blu-Ray… I guess I’m hearing and seeing things…:S


Well, personally I watched several films in WM9 and enjoyed it. I haven’t ever seen such good quality in a movie. Granted you are talking about 9MB per second for these films, but I hope Blu-Ray does and equally good job. Anyone seen at least samples from Sony?
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cprguy, WM9 is highly compressed! Blu-Ray will use MPEG 2 but at a very high bit-rate, like 20-30mb/s! The only current advantage of WM9 is the inclusion of 1080P…However, no HDTV screens support this so I doubt it’ll be used anyway. If you’ve ever see the current D-Theater movies which are 1080i you’ll see that it does wipe the floor with WM9!


We’re all forgetting one thing though…where do you buy a supporting HD-TV? No value in HD pictures without an HD-TV. Also do they really believe we’re all gonna go out dump our DVDs (I accept players will be backwards compatible), TVs, DVD Players that readily? I think not…I have to say I think it’ll be a long, long time before Blu-ray or HD-DVD become a reality, or a ‘standard’ bit of kit. DVD take up my have been quick, but for the most part we we’re coming from VHS, which couldn’t have been a piss poorer format really. We also had to replace only one device, and those devices we’re available at a keen price very quickly. Will the same quick takeup happen with HDTVDVD…personally I doubt it, but in time as we gradually replace our TVsPlasmasLCDs with the next generation, then these technologies will come into their own.


Well I guess I’ll have to go buy the white album again…:wink:


Heh just like we had DVD2SVCD we will probably have bluray2DVD :wink:


It’s lovely to think we’ll be able to decide not to upgrade Gristy, and I find it refreshing you really think we’ll be given that option. I really hope we’re given such a choice.


Another WAR! I live in the US so as soon as GW Bush finds out about this I’ll get another Tax cut!

  1. Blu Ray is recorable from the start that is a good thing. 2. Blu does use MPEG2 but WM9 is considered the best codec out there right now by Joe Kane, author of Digital Video Essentials and editor of Widescren Review (he is someone to listen to) 3. 1080p is the future, there are a few LCOS TV’s that have support for 1080p and Intel will support it with their LCOS chips this fall with TV prices expected to be $2000 for a 50" LCOS, so go Intel.


I’m looking at the format froma pure data storage standpoint. I couldn’t care less for movies. 'Tis the data storage/ archival (and eventual low cost per megabyte) that has me drooling.


Latest XviD is better than WMV9


“I’m looking at the format froma pure data storage standpoint. I couldn’t care less for movies” you really are a cynical bastard my friend :stuck_out_tongue: