New DVD Tool: Shrink to 5

Haven’t had time to try it yet. :wink:

Looks… sketchy. We’ll see how people react to it. :wink:

Looks to me like another version of dvdshrink but a bit more complicated or is that i am new with this software :bigsmile:

here is homepage
first feedback i have read yet

Heh, without DeCSS I don’t see it being very useful. And I’m darned if I can find the “machinist.dll” anywhere on the web. The story is they’re looking for host sites where it’s legal. :stuck_out_tongue:

You could use AnyDVD?

I wish “them” (whoever “they” are, looks like a guy in Germany) good luck. According to german law the development (I assume “manufacture” and “development” is the same for software?) of such a DLL (with the intention of distribution) would already be illegal, so regardless where the file is hosted, the creator might be responsible. Probably not a criminal offense, but paying damages to the music & movie industry could be even worse.


Circumvention Devices and Services

§ 95a (3) German CA, which is also copied nearly word by word from the Copyright Directive, bans certain preparatory acts relating to circumvention. It is prohibited

* to manufacture, import, distribute, sell, rent, advertise for sale or rental and possess for commercial purposes devices, products or components,
* and to provide services
* that are 

      o advertised for the purpose of circumvention, or
      o have only a limited commercially significant purpose or use other than to circumvent, or
      o are primarily designed for circumvention.

Looks interesting, but like was mentioned a bit more complicated than Shrink3.2 , which is still my first love.

It also apparently produces substantially sub-par results. We’ll see how it pans out, but since you can get really quite good (in the top 5) results from DVD Shrink which is also free… I see no reason to abandon ship until this program gets MUCH better.

This program can’t do multi-angle (jumbles all the angles together), has lousy compression artifacting, has blops of weird colors in highly compressed scenes, and generally takes much longer at higher CPU usage than DVD Shrink. Oops!

I did a test and the results were unsatisfactory for me as well.

Nero Recode doesn’t have DeCSS, DVD Rebuilder doesn’t have DeCSS and even DVD Shrink didn’t have DeCSS until late in it’s development.

Yeah, my point being that there already are a number of transcoders out there. You forgot one: Rejig, which is rather good. :stuck_out_tongue: From the initial comments at Doom9, it needs some refinement. From what I can gather, the “machinist.dll” can deal with structure protection, now that might be useful. It would be the one thing that might wean some people away from DVDShrink.

Nah. Those people are already using DVD Decrypter or AnyDVD to rip. :wink:

DVD Shrink had DeCSS it’s very first version (1.02).

DVD Shrink still has DeCSS in it’s final english version: english english CSS-free

3.2.016 deutsch
3.2.016 deutsch DeCSS-free

I have tried this software but dang it keeps comimg up with errors, I also used anydvd with it as well , still this same error so I dunno I think I will stick with the other softwares I have!!! :rolleyes:

Actually, the latest version of this program (v. 1.7) released on 2 October 2005 isn’t bad at all. It’s significantly faster than Dvd Shrink and the quality was acceptable.

It’s far from perfect but is certainly worth a try, particularly since it’s an open source program.

For those looking for the elusive machinist.dll necessary for decrypting, you can find it here. It works well enough with ordinary CSS encryption but I haven’t tested it with anything ARcoSS protected to date.

If anyone has done so, please post your results.

I agree with you philamber. I was pleased with the results I obtained.

I haven’t tried any of the latest films yet so am yet to see how good it really is.

Shrinkto5 is the only program I have used so I can’t compare quality like for like, but I’m pleased. I know it works, I know I can use it (which helps :smiley: ) so I’ll stick with it.

If I can use it, it can’t be complicated at all :bigsmile:
:eek: Can’t believe there’s simpler programs out there! :eek:

Well DvdFab Express is probably the simplest of all. A straight one-click no-brainer to use. However, unlike ShrinkTo5, it isn’t free.

Well, clicking 3 times on “next” in CloneDVD2 shouldn’t be so hard either. And you get much better value for money than with DVDFab Express.