New dvd to dvd tool

Anyone tried this yet? Looks like another DVD2One!

But unlike the current version of DVD2One, this new program boasts of being able to back up a DVD9 disk, complete with Menus & Extras…does sound too good to be true, but I’m sure someone will be evaluating it soon.

with the demo you can have only 10 minutes of the movie, how can you tell about its quality with 10m?

I just try DEMO. Is a fast as DVD2one, but also include menus and extras.
First test gave me good results. The program is very small, maybe it use similar transcoding engine as DVD2one. I will make more test and post results…


I’ll hold my breath until we see some more reviews, but I am not complaining, the more the merrier. The more people working on quality solutions the better.

One thing though, they definitely didn’t waste any time on copy editing. Their web site’s grammer and spelling is awful. I don’t mind though, as long as the product is good.

Have purchased it, so will test ASAP tomorrow!!!

Results! Reign Of Fire (R1)… Failed coversion 3 times with a program crash when it got to the main movie files! Same files that IC converted fine! See this thread here for similar probs:

Windtalkers (R2)… Took approx. 70 mins to convert DVD Decrypter files. Burnt with Record Now Max 4.5. Movie quality is excelent! Subs work fine!

However… menu has lost music (no big probelm there) but the extras menu locks up on my Sony Standalone, but not in WinDVD! May need to do more research there, and try more expensive media?!

Looks like being a good solution to converting whole DVD (faster than IC), but so far a few to many bugs!

UPDATE! DVD worked fine on a Pioneer standalone! Extras looked pixalated but watchable - film was fantastic!

I have a bought version of DVD95COPY I got last night from ,from the maker/web site at DigiMagic Tech. I took one of my movies, an older one, Men In Black and did a full rip (something I really don’t do as it just takes up more room) of the movie as it is required for DVD95COPY to work properly. I created 2 seperate MIB folders on my hard drive for the result to go to and let them do their thing.

This is really not a good example in one regards because my MIB movie contains both the wide screen version and full screen version on same disc. But, in another realm, this was a good example to see how well the separate movies look (DVD2ONE and DVD95COPY) with this type of set up.

DVD2ONE: choose full screen movie, title 7 from the menu of DVD2ONE at the beginnig and saved just the english, angle 1 setting. Movie come out very well, you have to look hard to find any minor flaws, and noticible, but not distracting (at least to me) in the scene near the beginning where the space craft crashes into that farmers truck… it’s a nigth scene and you need to look at the house as it’s background is constant and therein lies the “problems” with those progams that have to recompress or transcode, is the constant scenery. But in all, came out acceptable for me… quite good.

DVD95COPY: Since I got the “full meal deal” with this I get the menu in the beginning that lets me choose wide screen or full screen. Herein was it’s downfall. It had to save both movies that take up obviously more space than a single movie. I choose the full screen. BTW the menus looked pretty good. Watched to movie,especially the night scene, at the farmers house where the space craft crashes into his truck. VERY noticable shifting on the house and pixilation. Even the scene inside where the woman and "man/insect/alien) talk has noticible pixilation. I don’t have the high end video stuff like others so it may be enhanced (problem/pixilation). Positive thing is nice to have the menu there to choose where to go, etc. Negative is this movie has 2 different formats and has much more to transcode than a movie that almost fits onto one DVD.

I’ll have to try it now with a single movie DVD that is not too overly big and take a better look. DVD95COPY did what it said to do and made 1 DVD back up with all the stuff, but, unfortunately, the main thing… the movie… in this example, has lost a bit.

Hope this give some insight on the program.


Well, I did some more testing with the program and it is truly remarkable! So I may have to eat some of the words I said about the program.

An intersting note to add to my above post. I looked at the burned DVD I did with DVD95COPY and Nero .

Frankly I am now quite impressed.

There is a little glitch that the creator of DVD95COPY is going to correct, but it seems the default movie is widescreen and the FULLSCREEN is interperted as an “extra” and hence is compressed a whole lot more. After watching the movie in widescreen mode from the selection in the main menu, I see no difference in fact may be even a little better than the same movie made with DVD2ONE.

I now formally appologize to any I may have steerd away from this program as it does a beautiful job in the widescreen mode. Please pass a dish of crow that I might have a bite :bigsmile:

Nice DVD with scene selections and all. Now if we can “select” whether to keep the dual formats that would be incredible!!



How does the quality compare to IC7 and DVD2one? I know everyone’s way of measuring is different – but can you see a notable difference?


What if you are doing a multi-episode DVD that has several different title-sets (one for each episode) ? Does this program presume the first episode is the “original” and recompress the others real bad?

I did a comparison of DVD2one, DVD95copy, and Instant Copy with the GUYS AND DOLLS dvd in reference to vob file size distribution. (note: Instant Copy does not provide a label nor a AUDIO_TS folder). This DVD does not have excessive menus and features so it helps in leveling the playing field relative to the main feature quality. For all programs the defaults were used. The video quality for the main movie in all three methods were decent but I’ll let some other eyes check it out in the next few days. Obviously the fastest kid was DVD2one but the sharpest kid is up for grabs. Anyway…below is the file breakdown.


Volume in drive E is GUYS_AND_DOLLS
Volume Serial Number is 9F25-E317

Directory of E:\VIDEO_TS

03/01/2003 08:14 PM <DIR> .
03/01/2003 08:14 PM <DIR> …
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 18,432 VIDEO_TS.IFO
03/01/2003 02:23 PM 143,360 VIDEO_TS.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 18,432 VIDEO_TS.BUP
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 98,304 VTS_01_0.IFO
03/01/2003 02:24 PM 2,396,160 VTS_01_0.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_1.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_2.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_3.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_4.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 301,379,584 VTS_01_5.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 98,304 VTS_01_0.BUP
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 18,432 VTS_02_0.IFO
03/01/2003 02:24 PM 8,192 VTS_02_0.VOB
03/01/2003 02:24 PM 5,283,840 VTS_02_1.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 18,432 VTS_02_0.BUP
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 18,432 VTS_03_0.IFO
03/01/2003 02:24 PM 8,192 VTS_03_0.VOB
03/01/2003 02:24 PM 2,672,640 VTS_03_1.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 18,432 VTS_03_0.BUP
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 20,480 VTS_04_0.IFO
03/01/2003 02:24 PM 18,432 VTS_04_0.VOB
03/01/2003 02:26 PM 85,676,032 VTS_04_1.VOB
03/01/2003 03:12 PM 20,480 VTS_04_0.BUP
23 File(s) 4,692,893,696 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


Volume in drive F has no label.
Volume Serial Number is A6C7-E479

Directory of F:\VIDEO_TS

01/01/1980 12:00 AM <DIR> .
01/01/1980 12:00 AM <DIR> …
03/01/2003 10:55 AM 18,432 VIDEO_TS.BUP
03/01/2003 10:55 AM 18,432 VIDEO_TS.IFO
03/01/2003 10:55 AM 143,360 VIDEO_TS.VOB
03/01/2003 12:25 PM 98,304 VTS_01_0.BUP
03/01/2003 10:55 AM 98,304 VTS_01_0.IFO
03/01/2003 10:55 AM 2,865,152 VTS_01_0.VOB
03/01/2003 11:16 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_1.VOB
03/01/2003 11:37 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_2.VOB
03/01/2003 12:02 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_3.VOB
03/01/2003 12:23 PM 994,625,536 VTS_01_4.VOB
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 18,432 VTS_02_0.BUP
03/01/2003 12:25 PM 18,432 VTS_02_0.IFO
03/01/2003 12:25 PM 8,192 VTS_02_0.VOB
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 9,242,624 VTS_02_1.VOB
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 18,432 VTS_03_0.BUP
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 18,432 VTS_03_0.IFO
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 8,192 VTS_03_0.VOB
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 3,823,616 VTS_03_1.VOB
03/01/2003 12:29 PM 20,480 VTS_04_0.BUP
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 20,480 VTS_04_0.IFO
03/01/2003 12:26 PM 18,432 VTS_04_0.VOB
03/01/2003 12:29 PM 153,178,112 VTS_04_1.VOB
22 File(s) 4,385,480,704 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


Volume in drive E is GUYS_AND_DOLLS
Volume Serial Number is BB18-A6A6

Directory of E:\VIDEO_TS

03/02/2003 07:42 AM <DIR> .
03/02/2003 07:42 AM <DIR> …
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 6,144 VIDEO_TS.IFO
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 6,144 VIDEO_TS.BUP
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 88,064 VTS_01_0.IFO
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_1.VOB
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_2.VOB
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_3.VOB
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_4.VOB
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 389,353,472 VTS_01_5.VOB
03/01/2003 12:57 PM 88,064 VTS_01_0.BUP
9 File(s) 4,684,500,992 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


Is not the size of the files that matter, is the quality of such files!!!

In your opinion:

  • Which have better results?

  • Which mantains the whole structure (no errors when using all options)?

  • Time to do the job

Maybe is better to use more challenging big movies!


I picked GUYS AND DOLLS as an example because it was a two hour and 25 minute video. However, below is an analysis of THE MATRIX. The rating is on on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. This is an audience rating average from several users (victims):

Visual Quality of main feature:10
Menu Quality:9
Extras Quality: 9

DVD2one: 18 minutes to decrypt, 25 minutes to compress, 15 minutes to burn.
Visual Quality of main featue: 8
Menu Quality: –
Extras Quality:–
Navigation: –

Instant Copy: 18 minutes to decrypt, 3.0 hours to transcode, 15 minutes to burn.
Visual Quality of main feature:8
Menu Quality:7
Extras Quality:7

DVD95copy: 18 minutes to decrypt, 1.75 hours to transcode, 15 minutes to burn.
Visual Quality of main feature:8.5
Menu Quality:5
Extras Quality:5


Volume in drive E is MATRIX
Volume Serial Number is 5AEB-E94C

Directory of E:\VIDEO_TS

02/25/2003 02:29 AM <DIR> .
02/25/2003 02:29 AM <DIR> …
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 6,144 VIDEO_TS.IFO
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 6,144 VIDEO_TS.BUP
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 83,968 VTS_01_0.IFO
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_1.VOB
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_2.VOB
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_3.VOB
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_01_4.VOB
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 384,538,624 VTS_01_5.VOB
02/24/2003 09:23 PM 83,968 VTS_01_0.BUP
9 File(s) 4,679,677,952 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


Volume in drive E is MATRIX
Volume Serial Number is 5FED-D788

Directory of E:\VIDEO_TS

03/01/2003 04:34 AM <DIR> .
03/01/2003 04:34 AM <DIR> …
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 14,336 VIDEO_TS.IFO
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 14,336 VIDEO_TS.BUP
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 30,720 VTS_01_0.IFO
02/28/2003 10:14 PM 292,517,888 VTS_01_1.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 30,720 VTS_01_0.BUP
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 151,552 VTS_02_0.IFO
02/28/2003 10:16 PM 60,663,808 VTS_02_0.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_02_1.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_02_2.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 1,073,739,776 VTS_02_3.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 635,054,080 VTS_02_4.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 151,552 VTS_02_0.BUP
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 57,344 VTS_03_0.IFO
02/28/2003 10:29 PM 485,279,744 VTS_03_1.VOB
02/28/2003 11:11 PM 57,344 VTS_03_0.BUP
15 File(s) 4,695,242,752 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


Volume in drive E has no label.
Volume Serial Number is AFC6-40FC

Directory of E:\VIDEO_TS

01/01/1980 12:00 AM <DIR> .
01/01/1980 12:00 AM <DIR> …
02/23/2003 09:03 AM 14,336 VIDEO_TS.BUP
02/23/2003 09:03 AM 14,336 VIDEO_TS.IFO
02/23/2003 09:21 AM 30,720 VTS_01_0.BUP
02/23/2003 09:03 AM 30,720 VTS_01_0.IFO
02/23/2003 09:21 AM 419,059,712 VTS_01_1.VOB
02/23/2003 11:05 AM 157,696 VTS_02_0.BUP
02/23/2003 09:21 AM 157,696 VTS_02_0.IFO
02/23/2003 09:25 AM 86,724,608 VTS_02_0.VOB
02/23/2003 10:00 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_02_1.VOB
02/23/2003 10:35 AM 1,073,739,776 VTS_02_2.VOB
02/23/2003 11:03 AM 1,032,634,368 VTS_02_3.VOB
02/23/2003 11:38 AM 57,344 VTS_03_0.BUP
02/23/2003 11:05 AM 57,344 VTS_03_0.IFO
02/23/2003 11:37 AM 737,949,696 VTS_03_1.VOB
14 File(s) 4,424,368,128 bytes
2 Dir(s) 0 bytes free


So as I see it, this are your conclusions:

-DVD95Copy is better than DVD2one, because even when leaving the extras you get better quality in the movie (8.5 vs. 8)

-DVD95COPY is better than InstantCopy? Or when using InstantCopy, because you compress less the extras, you leave less room for the movie? What where your settings in IC?

-In either case DVD2one gets the smallest marking because even when it score the same as IC, it doesn’t made extras and menus.

Interesting, I will have to make additional tests to DVD95COPY…


I have been a fan of DVD2ONE since it first came out and I still think it is a major contender so I am still rooting for it. The additional time to encode/decode that DVD95COPY takes does payoff but it still has a few bugs to work out such as performing the high quality render on the wrong vobs. It also conflicts with IMGtools reallocation scheme. Obviously some logic fixes are needed. In the case of IC 7, it doesn’t fully utilize the space, it uses a proprietary PDI structure and it doesn’t create a label or AUDIO_TS folder as well as logic errors on some movies. DVD2ONE is the fastest and cleanest but it doesn’t include the menus and extras. All tests used DVD Decrypter 3.1.4, DVR-105, Ritek 4x media, IMGtools (Nero api) except for IC and multiple standalones (Sony,Go Video,Samsung,Toshiba,Panasonic players)

I purposely used the default settings on all three programs. I know you can tweak IC and DVD2one to alter the ratios but I decided to compare standard couch potato methods. If you want to do a lot of work there are many methods to employ. Finally the score of 8.5 for DVD95COPY versus 8.0 for the others is the result of eyes sharper than mine subjectively judging subtle nuances. I personally couldn’t differentiate one from the other. On the whole, they all looked good to me.

Just backed up Vanilla Sky (R2) - 70 mins encode time - fantastic quality film, all extras working fine! A big time saving and quality boost for IC7! Works fine on the sony standalone and PC! DVD2one still wins handsdown thought for quality with speed!! I can see DVD95Copy having a very promising future! Some people say it has crashed while encoding, but I wonder if theses are R1 DVDs as my Reign Of Fire R1 crashed. Both R2s have done fine and work perfectly.


Well, if you use “the defaults settings on all three programs”, their settings of transcoding are completely diferent:

-DVD2one transcode to the maximum rate possible for that space (main movie to 4.37 GB)

-Pinnacle InstantCopy equally compress all the material to the same ratio (menus.extras, and main movie).

-DVD95copy transcode menus and extras to the minimum (30% or even less), leaving maximum to main movie (this is why you get better results with extras in IC and better results on main movie with DVD95copy.

Just to interpret results in a fair way, you must make scores of “overall” performances, or change settings to match equal efforts. For example, to check DVD2one performance vs “others”, better take an only movie material. To check DVD95copy vs. IC, change IC settings to match fix settings of dvd95copy. Obviously we are talking here about transcoding performance. There are also others considerations as: speed, easy of use, menu integration, etc.
However your results reveal that “the new kid on the block” (DVD95copy) even when buggy, is doing a good job.

Thanks for your test,



I agree. You have to compare apples with apples to really get the full picture. What I did is just a straight out of the box comparison. I guess I’m waiting for the utopian package that makes all the decisions for me while I have a beer.:slight_smile: