New DVD Shrink v1.0.3

From Digital Digest:

Hi everyone,

I finished version 1.03 which contains mainly bug fixes and a few enhancements. I am taking a couple weeks holiday from tomorrow so it was a bit of a rush and not much time to test the result, I hope I haven’t broken anything. I have sent it to everyone kindly hosting this software for me so it should appear soon.

The following changes were made (they are also listed in the new help file) -


Added extra encode levels. This is not a final solution to the encode interface, just a temporary measure.

Added “Still Movie” encoding: only copy the I-pictures, heavily compressed. This gives huge compression as an alternative to deletion of the entire video stream, which people seem to want, but re-encoder module can’t handle, because it alters the navigation structure of the DVD. Audio and subpicture streams will still play normally.

Increased number of samples taken during analysis, so it takes 50% longer but gives more accurate expected sizes. Maybe this should be a user option.

The “not a system pack” error is fixed, by removing non-system packs during the re-encode, rather than throwing an error. I still don’t know what these non-system packs are doing in the VOBS, or if they shouldn’t be included instead. If they occur, a little message pops up after re-encode is finished.


Increased brightness of video preview in re-author module, add and crop dialogs. Preview windows in other modules are DirectDraw YUV surfaces for performance, so not so easy to modify.

Removed support for multi-angle from re-author. Too many problems. Adding support again will require a virtual rewrite of the re-author module. User is now offered only angle 1, which will prevent crashes.

Added a message next to “include menus” checkbox in re-author, so hopefully people will stop thinking they can, um, include menus.

Added code to strip all buttons and button commands from menus that are added in re-author, actually from anything that is added at all. Most of them contain invalid links or commands, esp. in the case of menu vobs because they move from the menu domain to the VTS domain when the re-authored DVD is built. I guess no buttons is better than invalid buttons.


Fixed stupid bug where region and provider ID changes were written to the .IFO files but not the .BUP files, so they came out different.

Modified error reporting dialog. Now attempts to report the cause of an error using GetLastError() API.

Added check that source and destination folders are different. Not entirely foolproof because of shortcuts.

Just to make sure, encoding/copying will not proceed unless the destination folder is empty of DVD files.

Changed distribution name. From now on, DVDShrink103.exe, and so on. This seems to bugger up the list of recently-used-files which are stored in the registry under the old name, so they are reset when you first start the new version.

An undocumented feature: you can select “options…” from the system menu and delete the recent-used-file lists. Otherwise the lists can become full of invalid folders over time. Or you can just edit the registry

Thanks to everyone for all the feedback.


Thanks for that Milkman, looks like the author has been busy.


Also posted on our news site:

This program is brilliant! Just done bugs life as re-author then re-encode and it took around 15 mins (including ripping!) and the quality is superb! And just finished a re-author only of time machine - again superb in around 10 mins! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Just did Blackhawk Down with DVD2One 1112, DVD95 1.3 and DVDShrink 103 to compare them.

The quality differences to me, were neglible for the movie with DVD2One and DVD95. DVDShrink was noticeably poorer quality. The menus varied depending on settings for DVD95 and DVDShrink. DVD2One’s menus were very good, DVD95 was a little weaker and DVDShrink was poor.

The machine used was an Athlon XP2400+ with 512mb ram. The object was to get the full disk and DVD95 took approx 60 minutes and did a fine job with default settings of 30% compression. DVDShrink, with all the tweaking of compression to bring the target to 4.38gb, took approx 35 minutes and while the movie quality was ok, the menu/extras were quite poor.

DVD2One took approx 15 minutes with no settings necessary and did a great job with the entire disk. I’m watching it on my standalone now.

DVDShrink should be given a lot of credit for a pretty nice program. But at this time, I think unless you just want the movie, it’s main attributes seem to be that it’s fairly quick and it’s FREE! So, if someone feels that they can’t or don’t want to spend about $45 bucks for DVD2One or DVD95, they should be using DVDShrink.

BTW, I did Band of Brothers disk 2 also and DVDShrink’s movie looked pretty good, while again, the menus were just ok. Also, I like Shrink’s interface, intuitive and clean looking. Just as DVD95 and DVD2One have improved with revisions, I’m sure Shrink will also.

Great work from DVD2One and DigiMedic. Great entry product from the Shrink. Thanks!

Mike :wink:


I just loaded v1.03 and had problems installing it, and when I was turning the computer off, I saw that somehow.-do not remember what I did-, I had a dvd shrink guide, I believe that it was version 1.03; unfortunatelly, I was not able to print it -computer was frozen-, and stupid me, did not write down the author’s name nor his address. This was an English version, not the tranlated one. Now I can not find it.
After re-installing the software, I was backing up Titanic, and everything went OK, but 75% to 80% into the compression, (About 45 minutes of saving to hard drive) it gave me the following error message: " DVD shrink enmcountered an error and can not continue this operation. Failed to lock overlay buffer for writing. The reazon unknown". I was trying this one on level 8.

Thanks for your help.


An update:

  1. I found the guide. It ios written for v1.02. Have print it, but have not read it yet. I will do so as soon as I finish this update. You van find it at: Thanks MRBASS. ( Can not post there yet)
  2. Re-try to back up Titanic, but some how it stopped 30 minutes intto the compression. Message stated that it stopped, no reazon given.

likemike! I have not trying doing a complete disc in DVDShrink - just the movie (would use DVD95Copy or IC7 for full movie)! Its quick and easy and the quality is very similar to the other movie-only programs! :bigsmile:

Hello to all,

Just did my first run with DVD Shrink 1.03 this morning.
Had to use the manual from Mrbass (located here) how to use it.
Did a movie only (6 CH audio/English and Dutch subs) from the movie Proof Of Life.
Looks ok to me (haven’t done a comparison with DVD2One).
What I liked the most is that I didn’t have to do a full decrypt first.
It worked right of the original DVD.
A very promising program and not to mention it’s for free.
Would like to say to the author: great work and thanks !
Best regards,


It certainly promises, lets hope it delivers.

It has the most professional interface of all its cousins, rivalling even IC. However, its implementation still has some rough edges, particularly with the selection of compression rates. Unfortunately, as with DVD2One, you cannot drop titles: you get the movie or the whole thing.

But hey, this is early days. Who knows what’s round the corner?


I did have one mischievous thought and that was that it is too professional for words. The syntax in the help file (again, very polished stuff) is British English. So the author either hails from England or has a pretty good translator…
I can scarcely believe that it can be the work of one man (or woman) who would then give it all away free.
Do you think it’s a ruse by the studios to put all the rest of them out of business and then, when they’re all gone, to pull the plug? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did have one mischievous thought and that was that it is too professional for words. The syntax in the help file (again, very polished stuff) is British English. So the author either hails from England or has a pretty good translator…
I can scarcely believe that it can be the work of one man (or woman) who would then give it all away free.
Do you think it’s a ruse by the studios to put all the rest of them out of business and then, when they’re all gone, to pull the plug? :stuck_out_tongue: [/B][/QUOTE]

pete you could have a point …strange as i may seem i was thinking the same…the old saying …if it looks to good to be true it more than likely is…
it looks to much for a one man band,why freeware it when you can make money?
he has either got a grudge against dvd companies or as you say could he be working for them…time will tell…but it just seems to good…another point is there anything inside this program that is reporting back or logging what you are backing up???

Pete ~
I was thinking the same thing last nite “why would someone put out a great piece of software when thousands of dollars are at stake?”

My thought was along the lines of Mr. Bass. You get lazy, start decrypting with DVDShrink and your DVD burner blows up. Or maybe deep within the recesses of this wonderful freeware is the command, “Format C:” - just waiting to spring out.

I assume that DVDSHRINK is a free spirited fellow(s) who truly enjoys the challenge of making something better just for the fun of it. :smiley:

:bow: All hail Freeware :bow:


I wondered if its ‘freeness’ was something to do with the decrypting part of the program - is this not illegal??

The decrypting part is naughty; the price has nothing to do with it.
If you hire a hit man for $10,000 or $0.01 you (and he) are just as guilty of murder and conspiracy to murder provided he does blow someone away.
Taking that a step further, I suppose one defence that could be mounted [by our ‘backup’ authors] is that they only provide a tool for legitimate purposes. The fact that people do use them for more nefarious reasons is no concern of theirs. Otherwise, we might as well lock up all the gunsmiths every time there’s a shooting.

Keep in mind that my ‘conspiracy’ comments were made with my tongue firmly in my cheek;)


I think this one is a gift from good fairies. There’s no way one man did this, got it so close to perfect on the first go AND is giving it away from free. This thing works. And best of all, it has a slick, easy interface. Nobody gets either of those right the first time, let alone both. Oh well, I guess there’s room for video quality improvement. Some notes:

For movies longer than 2 hours, don’t bother trying to get them on a single disc unless you just don’t care about quality. This is a limitation of MPEG-2, not any app. One user noted that he got better results on Black Hawk Down with DVD2ONE than DVD Shrink. I was merely shocked that anyone would TRY to put 144 minutes of fast motion film on one DVD and expect quality at all.

So I did my own test. I only used DVD Shrink because I don’t buy commercial software. I used The Color Purple (154 minutes and very little fast motion). I was surprised. For the most part, the quality was really good. The defects lined up pretty well with what I expected from my DivX days. Smokes and grass blowing in the breeze were a bit pixelated and uniform colors like the blue sky took on a mottled texture. In all, I was pretty impressed.

My conclusion is that DVD Shrink performs to near perfection on films that were only a tad too large for a single disc. (If the film was 5 GB, it’s a real cinch). It performs very well at level 1 compression and pretty good at level 2. Anything beyond that is just asking too much. The extra compression levels are good for things like Studio logos, Macrovision notices, Dolby’s little blurb and other crap that takes up way more space than it’s worth. But for the film itself, stick to level 1 or 2. If a film is 80 to 90 minutes long, it’ll shrink just fine. These discs typically have the movie at 5 to 6 GB and some special features. On a 120 minute movie, it’ll shrink well if it lacks tricky scenes like smoke, grass, etc. These movies either take up all of both layers or at least 7 GB with very few special features on the disc. But folks, don’t bother trying to cram Braveheart onto a single DVD and expect good quality. Even the good fairies responsible for DVD shrink can’t do that.

And P.S. While DVD Shrink won’t let you transcode AND remove unwanted VTSs, you can always the film through IFOEdit first. Or even after. After I did The Color Pruple, I ran it through IFO Edit to strip out the FBI warnings and crap. Come to think of it, I’d love to see IFOEdit, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter all bundled into one killer app.

Hello all:
I am a new dvdshrink user, actually I am new on all aspects of dvd burning, and have run into a couple of problems:

  1. I am following mrbass guide, and have no problems, until is time to burn the dvd. After loading dvdshrink with the compressed files, and Immediately after I hit the next bottom, I receive the following message: " DVDshrink encountered an error and can not conitnue. iocTlAgid failed, fatal. Reason unknown" The discs use had been erased. This has happened with 3 dvds (+RW). 1 brand new, and the other 2 were erased using Nero’s long erasing procedures.
  2. I tried backing up my DVD using Nero, and was using the compressed files coming from DVD shrink, with no changes made at all. Then loaded these files to UDF/ISO section of Nero, and proceeded with the burning. However, after the burnining was completed, I can not view the movie at all. (Titanic) at all, the computer’s dvd-rom does not recognize it as a DVD disc. I believe that I am missing a step here, meaing that perhaps I may need to use another software prior to burning the dvd using Nero.

Thanks for your help


Try Record Now,maybe that will work for you,but frankly from your description,all is
correct. Check that your ASPI is the latest,
and not corrupted…Good Luck!!!

Hello again:

I am now able to burn the back up, thanks to a gentleman called kwag, that suggested I use ImgTool, and it worked with my set up, well almost 100%. The dvd I was experimenting with was Titanic.

While I can now burn the DVD, I run into a peculiar situation:
I first burnt a +RW disc, and the computer’s dvd-rom, as well as one of my dvd players did not have problems with it at all. The quality of the movie was not the gratest, but it was very good, at least as viewed in my TV. Then…

I burnt a +R disc, on mode 2, and it plays well, until the last chapter - chapter 30 for Titanic-, where it only plays the perhaps the first 5 or 6 seconds of this chapter, and then it stops. I have taken the following notes hoping that they will help identify this issue:

  • The +RW disc plays the complete movie on my laptop’s dvd rom, and on one of the dvd players. The other one does not recognize it at all.

  • The +R dvd plays the entire movie in the laptop’s dvd, but is not playing the last 4 or 5 minutes of the movie on one of the dvd players. The other one, as above, does not recognize it at all.

  • The size of the files on the +R disc, appear to be the same as the files in the computer and the +RW disc

  • On the dvd player, if I play the disc on fast forward, I can detect that the entire movie has been recorded, meaning that it plays the entire movie. This will explain the third point, that is the size of the files is the same as the original file in the computer.

  • The only difference, which in my estimation should not matter, is that that I activated mode 2 within the HP writer, for the +R disc (which is not the correct procedure), and the +RW disc was recorded on mode 1). This did not help the viewing of the dvd in my second player. By the way, both players should be able to play +R discs, while one of them will play +RW only if I use CS.

Well, this is all I have for now, again kwag, thank you for your advise on ImgTool, and thank you for the advise that I will receive regardin the +R disc.


Ruffrob: Thank you for your advise. How do I check the ASPI? I will go to the web and find out. My OS is W98SE. Thanks

T, I’m no expert on the subject,but if you have Nero,you can get it this way…start/Programs/AheadNero/nero infotool. Here,go to the software tab,and it will tell you what ASPI version you have.Make sure you have chosen your DVD writer
as the hardware it’s reading the ASPI from. You have 98SE,it may or may not work since i did’nt find this out until after i got 2000 on my PC,but it is a sure way of telling what version you have…ROTS of Ruck…:bigsmile:

Hi Ruffrob:

Thaks for the tip. I checked my ASPI drie, and found that it is v. 4.6, which is for W95 and W98. I also checked ASPI web page, and they have a newer version - 4.7…- Have not downloaded yet, that is for W98. I am not really sure if I sure update this or not.