New DVD-RW won't install



I hope someone can tell me what the heck is going on here before I end up with keyboard imprints on my forehead… :eek:

I had a Sony DVD-RW DRU-530A that I bought and installed a couple of years ago, and it recently stopped working - I think the laser pooped out. Today I picked up an LG GSA-H55L and just swapped it where the Sony was. When I boot up the computer, it says new hardware has been found, but it’s the original CD-RW and DVD-ROM that are being found. The LG isn’t appearing in the Device Manager at all either.

What the heck happened? All I did was pop out the Sony and replace it with the LG…why isn’t it being found?

Help is very much appreciated!


@ mediachick,

Have you ensured that you have the Master/Slave jumper on the back of the new DVD Burner set correctly?




And that would be why I shouldn’t do these things when I’m fighting a migraine… :o

Thank you!!