New DVD +-RW for Christmas

I received a I/O Magic 16X DVD Recorder for Xmas. I am trying to install in a 1 gig htz Athelon Machine with 512meg and a 40gig HD. Burns CD’s and copies data OK but I can not play a DVD. I have enabled and diabled and re-enabled DMA and installed and reinstalled and Power DVD. As soon as I hit play the buffers load and then quit and the Power DVD indicates stop. I disabled DMA Setting one time and played for a few minutes and I thought it was fixed. Then I rebooted and now I can’t play a DVD . Everything else seems to work just fine except I can’t play a DVD. Does anyone have any suggestions.

I bought a new I/O magic burner IDVD16DL at Circuit City after Thansgiving , used it a few times, seemed to work OK, then it burnt 50-95% completion. I returned the unit and got another one, updated firmware, still not perfect. I am ready to return it and get my money back and order the NEC ND 3550A.
Any suggestions

remove any IDE drivers you have. These dont usually play to well with the burner and cause problems like incomplete burns, errors in burns, problems with play back of discs etc etc.

Check in add remove programs for any IDE accelerators or drivers & remove them. Usually listed under VIA, ALi, nForce etc.