New dvd-rw drive purchase

Hello, I currently have LG GSA-4165B drive which im not very happy with.
I do digital audio productions and write on cd-r’s as well, LG has this problem that audio must be written at dao/96 otherwise the cd isn’t readable by some cd players, they may fixed it with the latest firmware but there is no confirmation for that, I can’t work like this.

also some cd-r’s that I brunt couldnt be read at all…
dvd burning seems to be fine on the media I use (some cheap one), also the new firmware added support to a cheap and good media that i know of.

anyway im soon getting another computer and I need a new drive for it.

I have very good experience with Plextor cd-rw drivers, I have 2 of them (after destroying tons of drives with the amount of cds i burn), and those Plextors are the best I ever owned, how are the Plextor dvd drives ?
I was thinking of buying the PX-750A, it’s pretty cheap and it’s a Plextor.

Note: I need it to write cd-r’s perfectly, and not those replys from the kind I got about the LG that it doesn’t like cheap medias very much and stuff like that.

any suggestions for a better drive for me than the Plextor ?

There’s apparantly a new Plextor CD-RW coming on the market. Been discussed in the past few days here.

If you’d like more to backup cdr’s then i’d maybe wait for the premium 2, also from plextor if you mean dvd burners the 716 and the 760 are nice drives.