Hello there I would like to buy a new DVD-ROM because my old one seems to be dying…I’m interested in the drive to be good at DVD ripping, CD Audio extraction and watching DVDs of course…which one would you recommend I should buy?? thanks in advance…

Sorry, have to be a smartass on this one! :flower:

DVD-ROM …would you also be in position to make any extra recommendations??

You know some adjectives might help. Here’s a couple threads we’ve had around here on the subject, and my opinion of the subject. I thought my signature might help you in your decision too. If you just search for DVD-ROM it’s NOT going to provide results you’re looking for. :rolleyes:

thank you for the posts indicated…they’re really helpful…I’ll start reading them…the Lite-On 16P9S is propably my first choice…I’ll take a further deep look though…

The Lite-On 16P9S is really the only choice. It have no problems and is fast and good at reading. A bonus in the low $24 price. Visit
for improved firmware.