New DVD-ROM Drive



Well, lucky me my Ricoh MP9120A died a couple months after the warranty ran out...since I just bought a new Lite-On 48x12x48 burner, I'm thinking it would be wisest to just buy a cheap DVD-ROM drive and do a double drive switch. I'm on a bit of a budget here, not looking to go much over $50 if I can help it. Assuming my Lite-On will be capable of handling most of my CD needs, my first priority for the DVD drive is obviously DVD reading performance (CD reading performance being only a secondary concern). That said, I've already read reviews of about 6-8 different models in my price range, all of which seem to have their own ups and downs. I was hoping a few users out there who've already bought a drive in this range could either recommend me towards or warn me against a certain model before I go committing my cash. Hopefully I can find a nice companion for the Lite-On so each drive can make up for what the other is lacking. Many thanks in advance.


LiteOn 163D or Toshiba 1612. Both are under $50 @



I agree with Taz. I bought the 40125s burner and the 163d DVD drive and it is the best setup I have had yet. I have both on the smae IDE channel with the burner as the master and I can do copies on the fly in under 3 minutes. The buffer under run never has to kick in (unlike it use to with crappy drives). I think that Lite on is the best and the prices are right too!!