New DVD recording technologies

  1. 16x P-CAV

Could complete 4.7GB SL in less than five minutes? Perhaps yes someday.

  1. 5x DL

Toshiba overspeeds 2.4x rated media to 5x, boldly.
3. 8x DL

Mitsubishi Chemical and some drive manufacturers are working on it for early release.

  1. DVD-R DL

Finally, either starting at 2x or 4x. 4x seems more likely now.

  1. 8x DVD+RW

Plextor and others have released though not many have it.

  1. 6x DVD-RW

Just as with DL, Minus/Dash is a little behind DVD+RW Alliance companies. 8x DVD-RW could follow a little later.

  1. 16x DVD-RAM

Vaporware or not?

  1. HD-DVD

I want it in my Toshiba and NEC notebooks but Hitachi 7K400 or something better could be US$200 by then. 4TB SATA in 3.5-inch form factor for US$2K versus 0.015TB blue laser in 5-inch form factor for US$2K is no competition, but Blu-ray is in a even worse situation. No wonder more and more companies are turning their attention on HDD instead of optical storage media for their future High Definition products.

Sounds interesting. Is there a link to show when these new technologies will be released publicly in DVD drives. Someone provided a link before but I forgot which thread that was.

16x +R DL is possible or not? And if yes when?

mognegna, 16x +R DL should hit around this time next year.

There are various links for specific announcements and public exibitions, but there is a strong reason why I didn’t include any link or source in the first post. Otherwise, I should have shut up entirely. Some people are already annoyed by me just because of such posts and such things hurt me personally because I’m in South Korea.

Of course, it’s safe to post a link allowed for public views. But to make it even less obvious, it is better to make it as if everything were just my personal imaginations out of nowhere other than Andromeda.


Have you seen any DVD-ROM drive that can read DVD-ROM dual layer at 16x speed? I haven’t and I don’t know if DVD+R DL 16x is technically possible. When the “combo” drives were going “mainstream” with the appearances of Samsung 308 to 352 series, even 5x DVD-Video dual layer reading was regarded to be fast for DVD9 media. From some of the early public releases about DVD+R DL technologies, it seemed 2.4x to 4x DVD+R DL recording required laser power as big as that used for 8x DVD+R DL recording. Perhaps Philips and Mitsubishi know the answer but even if that were possible, I would not be interested much because even 8x DVD recording is already too noisy and 12x to 16x shorten recording time only by up to 60%, excluding the time to make “compilation” and wait for lead-in and lead-out. I waited more than two years for this DVD+R DL 2.4x since somebody in a German-language forum mentioned about a Ricoh DVD+R DL development in a secret Japanese laboratory. Even now we all are waiting for DVD+R DL 2.4x media price to fall under US$3 or under US$1 or under US$0.1 which might happen finally in the year 2006 or just never. 32x CD-RW media are good but not as fast as 4x DVD+RW and not as easy to get. Likewise, multi-layer HD-DVD and Blu-ray will become more mainstream than dual-layer DVD+R and DVD-R.

Kenshin, I totally agree.
I believe that 16x DL is difficult and perhaps not convenient. If I am not wrong, when the laser goes to write on the second layer it loses around the 50% of its power.
Personally I prefer quality to the speed. :wink: