New dvd recorder



this is my first post. i just bought a memorex true 8x dvd/cd burner. I will be doing everything with this drive. im not sure if it is the best to go with, burning backups and such. does this drive burn everythin and ifit doesnt can i use clone cd to get them to work, thnx for ur help.
if u need any more innfo let me know. i paid $120 for it, and itsseems that u guys like liteon burners, there is a liteon dvd/cd burner for $10 cheaper, not sure about model no. tho. dont know wut to do, want a good burner, that will do preety much anything i want.


i also have a micro advantage? 5224 cdrw, dont know wut it can do. thinking abotu taking dvd burner back since i dont really need to burn dvds, but then do i buy combo dvd rom/ cd burner or just dvd rom.
aaaarrggg, dont know wtf to do