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A total new boy on the block “Help” .
Have just got a new DVD recorder unsure how to connect it in to the freeview and portable TV with a built in DVD player. Want to be able to record from the Freeview and if poss from the portable dvd /tv set, along with being able to record the holiday footage taken with our Camcorder. All to be recorded on this new DVD recorder.
The tv has only one scart socket in and a red yellow and white phono type sockets, the freeview has two scart sockets, and the DVD as loads of phonosockets etc and a scart in /out


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What’s the manufacturer and model of your Freeview box and DVD recorder?

Usually the generic setup is:

Aerial -> Freeview box -> DVDR SCART EXT2

Aerial -> DVDR RF IN -> DVDR RF OUT -> TV aerial in


Then you can record from the Freeview by selecting EXT2 as the source for the recorder, and still watch TV analogue. You can’t record both though.

The camcorder recording to DVDR depends on whether your camera is digital (DV) or analogue (Hi8 etc). Perhaps there’s a FireWire input on the DVDR for use with a DV camera - otherwise you’ll have to use SVHS or composite inputs for analogue.


The freeview is Echodata it has 2 scart sockets on the back unsure of model and the DVD recorder was an offer from aldi last week Tevion, that has loads of conections on the rear The tv is a Duel from asda, so when does the Tv fit it on the daiy chain of wires in one and out to another.


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