New DVD recorder from KiSS supports Nero Digital files

I just posted the article New DVD recorder from KiSS supports Nero Digital files.

Nero AG, leaders in
digital media technology, in cooperation with KiSS
Technology, one of the leading producers of DVD products worldwide today
announced the release of a new DVD recorder…

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So dose this mean i can now watch dvd’s that i have converted to nero digital and burned on to CD-R will now play on this Kiss player:p

The machine is piece of crap, they can’t fix the oudio/video out of sync. problem about 20% of users have , also no EPG recordings from SCART as well as no way to control external digital (SAT , cable) box for changing channel. Was released completely unfinished with half of the features described in manual missing , now about 80% of them finished (firmware updates) but still not all , no subtitles support yet. Makes problems on some DivX movies , wan’t play QPel , FF/REW sometimes work sometimes don’t sometimes freez the player … Nero digital is also not supported yet , just anounsed , meaning knowing KiSS it will take at least half a year until released ! Also there is no AAC audio codec support , so even if Nero Digital video codec will be supported you can’t play you Nero made DVD backups.
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Well thats sad , if it cant playNero digital back ups than why bother ,any1 else out there know of a DVD player that can. Oh yeah and a merry christmas to you all;)

Nero Vision Express software cannot do divx/xvid to dvd without getting the audio/video in sync. Maybe in the next update they will have fixed this major flaw. Merry Christmas :wink:

Of course when a hardware player has Nero Digital support, it also means it plays audio, in other words AAC. The next Nero Vision Express will also include Nero Digital export.

Dream on , the chip in DP-558 is just not capable to decode AAC . Look at IO Data player with next generation Sigma chip it says that can do AAC but even then it does only 2.0 ACC LC , not 5.1 not HC … Of cause it may be can output it directly to digital out , but how many recievers you know that can decode that ? The only one I was able to find costs more then $5,000 …

I’m not dreaming. :slight_smile: The unit will play AAC audio, otherwise it won’t be Nero Digital certified. And it is.

I hope you are right but it looks more like it will not be certified (if you seriouse of cause) . Another thing , what you mean under “play” ? Output AAC oudio to digital out no one can decode ? Then it will “play” . Also Nero uses QPel and GMC this chip can’t , will you certify “limited” playback under some conditions/settings ?