New DVD reader

Hey all i may have to buy an new drive soon and i prefer a DVD rom for my pc.
I want it to be able to read EVERYHTING-can you reccomend one for me?
If it comes from this page it would be better…:

Hi :slight_smile:
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This DVD Rom Is the in thing.
See here: :bigsmile:

Hey i was thinking of this drive,but when i said “to read everything” i didnt actually mean XBOX games :stuck_out_tongue: but all kinds of DVD types & brands :bigsmile:

I would recommend you Lite-On SOHD-16P1 (Bulk) White, it’s a cheap, fast and very good reader, also supports DVD-RAM reading or Plextor PX-130: perfect reader, but more expensive and does not read DVD-RAM.

But I think the Plex is just a relabeled BenQ.
The recent LiteOn DVD-ROMs are supposed to be good drives, they even scan halfways accurately…
[B]Franck[/B] has a SHD-16P1S :slight_smile:

The Pioneer 111D is rated above average reading DVD video in CDFreaks review, and it may be cross flashed to 111L to enable bit setting if desired. NewEgg shows the black model for $28.99 with free shipping which I just ordered 1 yesterday. I’ve also had a Pioneer 107D for about 4 years which has read anything put in it.

Pioneer 111D reads everything for DVD but not for CDs. Not sure if [B]nikchris[/B] needs that.