New DVD-R DL drive question

With the new DVD-R drives coming into the market, will I have to buy one to uses DVD-R DL or will a firmware update enable my NEC 2510 to write to a DVD-R DL disc eventually.


Why would you use DL- with a 2510 and without media available anyway??

welll… the 2510 writes to DVD+R DL. I was wondering if, in the future, I will actually have to buy a drive that writes DVD-R DL (when the media is available) or if, since the 2510 already writes DVD+R DL, if firmware can allow for writing to DVD-R DL. I guess my real question is… Can a firmware update change the type of discs the a drive can write to?

The ND-2510A will not be upgradable to burn DVD-R DL. It’s just not going to happen no matter what. Ever.

Will there even be a DVD-R DL media?

I was under the impression the + standard read or tracked better than the - standard.

Is there an inexpensive spot to pick up the DVD+R DL media?

there will be -R DL…check the news archives on the main page or Google for that matter.