New dvd programs



Here are some programs that peeps might want to take a look at.

DUP-DVD 2.2.0a
Copy DVD movies with your CD writer!
DUP-DVD let you backup/copy DVD to CD-R discs. It supports DVD to VCD/SVCD, DVD to MPEG, DVD to AVI. With this one-click DVD ripper, it couldn’t be easier to backup your video collections.

Copy DVD movies using any CD writer with just one click: put DVD into the DVD drive, a blank CD-R in the CD writer, click “Copy” and go!
Support DVD to VCD image, VCD image to CD-R/RW
Support DVD to MPEG
Support DVD to AVI
Support almost all popular CD writers
Only need up to 4GB hard disk space
Small size,only 1MB


Make copying DVD’s with your DVD burner a reality!!

  1. What you will get are real DVD movies.

The DVD-R, DVD-RW copied by DVD-Cloner is the same as the original DVD movie, in true DVD format. It adopts MPEG2 format.

  1. Back up and Protect your DVD movies! DVD-CLONER is an expert DVD restore and copying tool.

We strongly recommend cloning your original DVD movies to DVD-R,DVD-RW (DVD+R,DVD+RW,DVD+RAM )after purchasing them you can protect them.
You can watch copied DVD films burned by DVD-CLONER because the audio and video are as perfect as the original DVD.

If your DVD movie is damaged by accident, don’t worry about it! DVD-CLONER will be a real help in restoring it perfectly.

  1. Maybe now there is similar software on the market that can support DVD burning or DVD -RW. However, the output or so called DVD, is just converted to DVD-R,DVD -RW to VCD/SVCD, which is poor in quality when compared to actual DVD.

  2. DVD-CLONER supports DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD-RAM.

DVD-CLONER can copy the MENU of the DVD movie with perfect quality and it supports most DVD BURNER brands that you might find on market.

  1. DVD-Cloner can make DVD to DVD copying come true.

With the price of DVD burning going down, copying DVD movies will no longer be a dream.

6.You can download it for free and have a try.

7.Compared to other software with the same functions, it is cheaper and you can save 50% off !

DVDCopyOne PLatinum
DVDCopyONE is a simple on-click program that allows you copy any DVD movie to inexpensive CD-R discs. Best of all, youBll be able to watch your copied movies on both your computer AND home DVD player. DVDCopyONE allows you to choose any option from your original DVD and customize the collection that you create. Choose viewing options such as Widescreen, fullscreen, Pan & Scan as well as audio options such as foreign languages and subtitles. 1-program 1-click 1-Movie.
What is DVDCopyONE?

DVD Clone Pro

DVD Clone Pro is the fastest and easiest way to copy and backup your DVD movies! With just one click the powerful DVD Clone Pro engine goes to work and: Rips the DVD, Encodes it, and Burns it onto a blank CD using your regular CD Burner! It couldn’t be any easier! It even supports DivX!

Copy a DVD movie in just one mouse click! Just pop in a DVD, insert a blank CD into your burner and click “Start”. That’s it!

DVD Master Backup

DVD Master Backup allows you to create personal backup copies your DVD movies by transforming
them into DIVX format to fit it on a standard 700MB compact disc. The program is simple and
easy to use, just select your DVD drive, the output directory and press a button.
DVD Master Backup will automatically extract the VOB files and convert everything into
DIVX (.avi) format using mpeg2avi. You also have the option to change some settings like
screen resolution and size before starting the final conversion process.


Obviously a freaking ad. Yeah, I’m sure the quality will be great squeezing 4.7GB of data into a 700MB CD… rightttt.:Z


Originally posted by Stoner
Obviously a freaking ad. Yeah, I’m sure the quality will be great squeezing 4.7GB of data into a 700MB CD… rightttt.:Z
You think DivX is no good?


You’ll be surprised how many DVD to DivX I’ve encoded. And I stand by my previous statement that there’s no way you can squeeze a DVD quality movie into one 700MB CD, which is why I always go by the 1 hour per CD rule. I’m not saying it’s anywhere near original quality, but at least I can use 1500kb for video and 128kb MP3 audio for each DivX, 2x nth-Pass, 720x344.

There are two ways to encode DivX, the free way (DVD Decrypter, DVD2AVI, VirtualDub), in which you can tweak the hell out of how you want a DivX encoded. Or be a sheep and buy crappy software from scam artists who promise DVD quality backups on one CD.:Z :Z


Originally posted by Stoner
You’ll be surprised how many DVD to DivX I’ve encoded.
Yeah, I’m surprised every day on the web :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t DivX’d in v-5 yet but they say 10 times the compression…it’ll be good when digital rights management is put to bed and we can watch movies this way, say, with the KiSS DP-500 :slight_smile:


Yeah, the KISS player does make my toes tinkle.


Stoner man,

Since i see you have expirince in this burning DVD and Dvix movies I woundered if you can help me.

I have a avi format movies and str subtitle files.
I want to turn it into DVD and burn on dvd rom.
Now i manged to do the conversion but i can`t add the subs…

Can you help?

Thanks man,
:bow: :clap: