New DVD Player

Looking for a new dvd player with upscale via HDMI, very good DivX compatibility,and a USB port. Also it would be nice to have MKV support from the USB port, but high def MP4 playback form the USB port would suffice.

Any thing good out there that meets this criteria? I would prefer to stay cheap.

high def MP4 playback

I believe any DVD player will only play SD MP4, but it should upscale fine. Have you considered the ~$100 WD media player? It does Hi-Def, but not DVD media, only DVD on Hard Drive.

Well not an official DVD Player but I have a 360 and I use GotSent to convert 720 HD MKVs to MP4 and 99% of the time I never had playback problems, and when I did have problems it came down to the way the MKV was encoded. I played the MP4 back off a 8GB Corsair Voyager Flash Drive.

Oh and yes I have considered it and would really like one but really want to stick with just a DVD Player that can do this stuff if at all possible. :-/