New DVD player wont read more than 2x. Anyone know why?

So im trying to rip my DVD’s to my pc cuz my old one wasnt acknowleding discs in the drive, but taking forever cuz all programs are ripping at 1.8 or so. Anyone have any clue as to why? Master/Slave?

P4C800-E Deluxe
512 MB DDR Dual Ram
Phillips SPD2410BD (DVD drive)

Noob here. THanks!

Check DMA settings… search the forum…

Your drive is a rebadged Liteon 165P6S and the other possibility is that Philips has rip-locked the firmware. The drive has been flashed to a Liteon:

so you might want to look into that as well.

Funny you say,

the box says model: SPD2410BD

but windows recognizes it as: SPD2410LI

now can i unlock my phillips?

Try MCSE from ala42 :bow: :bow: :bow:

ok. the more beer i drink the more or should i say less i want to deal with ripping DVDs.

  1. DVD ripping is very slow
  2. Once ripped the .vob is automatically .rar filed (compressed)

Is that the norm? Cuz decompressing those same files that took me 45 minutes to rip to my pc is taking me 1 hour to uncompress. Am i adding extra steps here? thanks.

ok…i have found a software i can use “Clone DVD” by Slysoft, its great.

Question: When ripping the dvd, should i include all the menu items, other than the actual movie, like the main menu, audio and subtitles? im guessing if im going to upload them onto my media player, i might not need the menu or do i? also, what if i want to burn a dvd of the movie later, those menu options will be necessary to watch on a DVD player, right?


The menu takes up little space so it is worth keeping. When you start dropping audio tracks you can lose parts of the DVD you might want so you need to evaluate each DVD on its own. Sometimes the mono track is the real movie and the stereo is the commentary.