New dvd player now cdrw won't work



I just got the lite-on 1673s

installed it where my old dvd-player used to be and wouldn’t work with the old cdrw drive?

I simply unpluged the cdrw drive and now I am buring DVD’s

is there any way to have both drives working at the same time?

gateway 1.5g P4
with ass loads of ram and two harddrives


Try to put cdrw and DVD burner on different IDE channels


Did you set correctly the master/slave jumpers?

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I have the cdrw set to slave and the dvdrw to master
how do I set the drives to different channels?


Assuming that you have only one IDE hard disk, the usually recommended setup is:

[li] hard disk on primary channel as master
[/li][li] cd-rw on primary channel as slave
[/li][li] dvdrw alone on secondary channel as master

Probably your HD is already set as master, so it should be enough to connect the CDRW to the hard disk cable and the dvdrw alone on the other cable.

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I have Two Hard Disks on the same cable, and I had the CDrw and DVDrw on the same cable, but that didn’t work.

Would a PCI IDE controller work.
I could get one and set up the DVDrw on it and then the CDrw on the board IDE cable.
would this help at all?


If the jumpers are set properly, you should be able to have all 4 devices work correctly. Double check the jumpers (master/slave), do not use cable select, and if you still have a problem, try going into device manager, and remove your primary and secondary ide’s, then reboot and let windows autodetect the devices.


In many instances connecting optical devices to a PCI IDE controller is asking for troubles

With two hard disk, the commonly recommended setup is the one that you are describing, i.e. the HDs on one channel and the optical devices on another, but since you are saying that it doesn’t work, you should try e.g. HD1=master/CDRW=slave on primary channel, and HD2=master/DVDRW=slave on secondary channel.

If you really want to use an additional PCI IDE controller, it is better to connect your HDs to it, and leave the ODDs connected on the mainboard’s IDE, one for channel.




well I gave up on having the cdrw drive.

My new 1673s is only reading at 6x is this because of the crapy media I bought, fugi MIT?

I did check the DMA settings and they seem right.




Most burners are not very fast at reading. Many people use DVD readers for that purpose as they are faster.