New DVD Player Much Better



I bought a new Sony DVD player which states on the box it works with DVD+/-R/RW and holy cow what a difference. I put in some DVD’s that stuttered and had trouble playing on my other high end (when I bought it a year and a half ago it was high end anyway) DVD player and it breezed right through them.

And the load time is nil. By the time I get back to the chair from putting in the back-up it is already playing.

This is really not off topic, I think people need to know the quality of DVD players has gone up considerably in the past 2 years and the prices have dropped enormously so it is worth upgrading to one of the newer models that support the +/- DVD’s. It can save a lot of problems you may currently attribute to DVD2One.


So–what did you get?
I’m considering the new 985V-mega…