New dvd partially broken, but protected from copy

i bought a dvd about 3+ months ago so the receipt and return policy is likely long gone

i got a new laptop that burns dvd’s
but the inner circle i just noticed is cracked and chipped
i did not notice before because my dvd player just places it in flat, but on a laptop it clicks on

i have a lil mp3/mpeg thing that i know i can record it in real time and then copy it but i was hoping i could just copy it straight forward so that the quality would be better

i definitely respect the whole copy protected thing, but in this situation i think i should be able to make another copy on a non broken disc
because it’s in right now and seems okay but i know from how it’s chipped/cracked that when i take it out it’s going to really break off and then will not fit again
not a big problem because i know it will still work on my dvd player in that form, I HOPE

any suggestions?
think i can email the company some how
it’s Scratch Documentary 2, all the way live

I’d try to find a store that will exchange it. You don’t have to tell them how long you’ve had it. If you live in the US try Walmart and just tell them you can’t find the receipt. If you copy it and the original breaks more and you throw it away you will own an illegal copy!