New DVD Fab web site

[QUOTE=jsmiddleton4;2540833]Still no email back for me…

“This may sound stupid but this e-mail that you used are you still using it ?”

Nothing “may” about it.

No, I’m so stupid I’m using a defunct email address.

I’m going to go mow the yard now. I go back and forth over the uncut grass right?

Can barely read the goofy security thing and some how I’m using a defunct email address.

Want to bet on how much I’ll be using the “new” web site?[/QUOTE]

I know my question sounded a little stupid however there has been many members/users who started using different e-mail address and never changed it in the DVDFab data base and was not able to retrieve their reg key until they made the change, when you send off for your reg key DVDFab verifies the e-mail address that is provided by the user is in their data base before sending it.

and if you are using a different one you will need to activate your user account first before you can change your e-mail address which is necessary before requesting your reg key.

I do suggest you keep trying to view the security code and if you are using a different e-mail address you may want to send Fengtao a PM and tell him your e-mail has changed and your having trouble activating your members account because of this e-mail issue, also give him the old e-mail address so he can verify it in his data base and also give him the new one if there is one.


P.S… I am trying to help you so please no mumbo jumbo like your last response it’s hard to understand, I know your frustrated :flower: