New DVD Drive?

Well… I was swapping out DVD drives between two machines… I had a Pioneer DVD-115, but the other machine had a Toshiba 1612, a much better subchannel reader as I have read. That combined with my LTR-48126S upgraded to a 52246S (6S08) would make a great platform for backing up my Safedisc games.

Anyways… I swapped out the Toshiba for the Pioneer in the other machine and the Pioneer worked fine. I put the Toshiba on its drive rails and tried to slide it into my machine… a tight fit indeed. It took a little effort to get it all the way in, which I thought was unusual. To make a long story short, the tray got knocked off its track and wont go back on no matter what.

I need a new drive and would like some recommendations before I spend money on a drive.



I like these.

LiteOn LTD-166S
Pioneer DVD-119
Toshiba SD-M1612/-M1712
Samsung SM-348B

There are some more recommendations in this thread.

Yes, the LiteOn LTD-166S (JLMS XJ-HD166S) is the best.

Thanks a bunch…now off to brave the crowds at Frys or somewhere!

OK, I was looking around after reading through some of the other threads in the forums and I see that they don’t have the Lite-On drive or any other drives listed above. I see the Benq drive and I seem to remember someone in the forum saying that is a Lite-On… any thoughts? Any ideas as to where I can get one of these drives (preferably in town as I could use it ASAP)

Thanks again!