New DVD Drive suggestions

My ASUS E616A2 DVD-ROM’s laser dies out of me. Been 3 years, and to be honest I tend to use my reader more the my writer.
I am however having issues finding a replacement drive. Seems that no one wants to keep quality for a realistic price on the market.
Anyway, after 2 weeks of looking, I have not getting very far. If anyone has some suggestions and/or input, it will be appreciated.

All that matters is reading. I have 2 optical drives in my system for this reason : if I can write well and quickly, I don’t care about the access times, noise, or much of anything else. I simply replace the burner when it dies out for something cheep.
Now then, I really want it to be quiet when reading. This is playing a DVD, playing video files recorded on disks, ect. I haven’t played a CD for a long time, because I rip them. So, I want good DAE quality, and noise won’t matter during that too much. Obviously I want low access times. I would line no more then 120ms on both DVD and CD access times. The only other thing is that I want the bezel to be black, or silver. Those colors blend in with my case.
I would prefer to be able to get a drive for around $25-30, but if I have to go higher I will consider doing so.
I don’t care if it’s boxed or OEM. I almost prefer OEM for the lower cost since I don’t need any cables or software.
Everything else I believe is completely optional or I have no preference.

Can’t find an edit option, so I must reply.

I forgot one thing, I would prefer it to be a SATA drive.