New DVD Decrypter version released - several changes

I just posted the article New DVD Decrypter version released - several changes.

DVD Decrypter provided us with a new version of their free tool as a christmas present. DVD Decrypter allows you to copy the whole contents of your DVDs to harddisk circumventing the CSS…

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This guy does an amazing job for the scene. I use his program ALL THE TIME and it’s awesome. I just sent him a donation via paypal and it felt great to do it. I would encourage everyone on here to do the same. What better present to send someone who does so much for us? A little holiday wisdom: if your drink runs up your nose, you may be laying on the floor! :g

That’s quite possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever said! :wink: Thank You!

Yes this is one of the best programs for windows. Excellent work…


Inspired me to sent my small donation (but it’s the thought that counts). Keep up the good work :smiley:

I use the program in conjunction with CloneDVD to create backups of DVDs (obviously :). However, is there a better program than CloneDVD to do the same job?

I just read in a magazine, that Nero Recode 2 seems to be a good alternative for recoding video. For picture quality, Pinnacle Instant Copy 8 still seems to be a good deal.

When using Dr DivX or Recode to encode video, is it better to use File or IFO mode in DVD Decrypter?