New DVD decrypter version - flash still needed for bitsetting?



I don’t know if you’re right or not, but I can say I’ve created DL DVDs using just an alone .ISO file of 8gb from TMPEG DVD Author (no .MDS as I said) and it works. Only on computers, I must say, but it works.

So 4gb seems to not be a limit.


Ok, but layer break info and something more, I suppose. What more?

If I throw a single layer DVD game on my burner and I create a image with DVD Decrypter, I get both .MDS and .ISO files. What info is being stored here in the .MDS file?

Just curiosity.


I finally did Encore DVD creating .IMG file plus DDecrypter burning with bitsetting to DVD-ROM and it works great.


How can I reset the counter?


Use Binflash or WinBtype


The firmware on the drive counts for BS or not…


WinBtype doesnt work, this number are going down anyway


Binflash should work. But it’s the only program I know of at the moment that has this functionality


DVDit PE is creating occasionally images which when burned with Nero or Alcohol are always playable on computer but not always playable on standalone even with SL size. Don´t know why. Creating DVD Folder and burning with Nero works fine anytime.