New DVD decrypter version - flash still needed for bitsetting?





Your B4 (yes, I know - B6 is out) of hacked 3500 FW still shows media type as +R, book type as DVD-ROM. Nero, DVD Decrypter, DVDInfoPro et al all report or show the +R discs as +R (with only a mention of DVD-ROM in “last physical recorded” info window on say, DVD Decrypter). Is this normal, as I saw many different Nero CD-DVD Speed graphs showing DVD-ROM where mine shows DVD+R.


yes, disc type will allways be +R you only change the booktype to dvd-rom.

goto options in cd speed and select DVD info as booktype instead of disc type.


The troubling thing is, on my old NEC 2500 all the same software as mentioned (DVD Decrypter, CD-DVD Info, et al) on +R reports it as DVD-ROM. My Pioneer -R only drive can read these; but on the 3500 it won’t (because it’s +R media, and reflected as such in those programs even tho the 2500 reflected DVD-ROM).


Ok let’s see: I flashed to Liggy And Dee’s V2 Beta 6, flash went ok. Then I uninstalled DVD Decrypter and installed the latest version. Checked twice bitsetting was DVD-ROM on both binflash and dvd decrypter for DL+R.

I burned the disc at 2.4x and now I got a disc that works perfect on the nec3500 with powerDVD but it doesn’t on two different home dvd players, a phillips home cinema and a cheap divx one. On these two you can see without problems first layer, but if you wait until layer change or go trough direct chapter selection to one of the latest, placed at the second layer, the lens gets crazy and the player locks itself. Just unplugging from electricity will solve this.

what I’m doing wrong? Is this the right procedure? I can’t test a lot of times, each DL+R media is 9€…

thanks in advance.


I’ve never played with DL’s before (yes, indeed, the price…) but to me it seems you’ve done things right. The strange thing is, cheap DVD players aren’t very picky, they play just everything you put in it, including -R and +R discs without bitsetting. And the same goes for Philips players. So your disc should have played anyway, regardless of bitsetting!

Maybe there’s something wrong with your media, not all DL media are supported by unpatched NEC firmwares… Could you dump the MID of your DL media, using DVDIdentifier (mentioned and linked earlier in this thread) and post it here? Maybe some firmwaremodder can clear things up.


Thanks for replying Squirrel.

Glad to hear I’ve done things right. I was starting to suspect I forgot something very basic but very important…

BTW, at this time I’ve tested on 4 home dvds more and none worked.

I’ll be posting the MID of my media at lunch time, when I fire up my other computer after class. But I would say I checked the list of the DVD media they included on the modded fw and mine (verbatim MKM +R DL 2.4x certified) was there, because I see the ability to burn at 4x in DVD decrypter, as that list announced.

I have a last good idea: almost every people reporting successful DL burns used it to backup already existing DVD movies or data (XBOX and PS2) from what I have read here and on other forums. So, supossing they used DVD decrypter as that being the easiest and most reliable software to do backups, they were burning DL media using an .ISO and a .MDS files as source.

BUT that’s not what I’m doing, because I’m creating my own DL discs from my own video, using TMPGEnc DVD Author. At the last step of DVD Author, I choose to create an ISO image. So I get an ISO file. Only. No .MDS at all. Then I burn that .ISO with DVD Decrypter. That’s is the only difference I can find between those reporting success and me.

So: what’s the information being stored on a .MDS file? it’s about layer break maybe?



Did you try to generate your DVD structure in a harddrive folder with TMPGEnc DVD Author, and then burn the contents of this folder with Nero as a DVD Video ?


Exactly the idea that came into my mind when reading the summary of sforza.

Regarding the .ISO and .MDS formats: AFAIK .ISO is limited to a certain filesize (I guess 4GB) and therefore unsuitable for DL mastering. The .MDS is an extension of the .ISO fileformat and its main purpose is to get rid of the filesize limit. At least, that’s what I’ve heard about it… If I’m wrong, somebody please correct me!


The reason to use .MDS for DL burns is that it contains the layer break info.



No, I didn’t.

I’m waiting to hear from another guy on another forum, maybe he’s reporting success on this. Have anyone of you tried this successfully with nero too?

DL media is pretty expensive to keep trying without a little investigation on what you are doing before :slight_smile:


I don’t know if you’re right or not, but I can say I’ve created DL DVDs using just an alone .ISO file of 8gb from TMPEG DVD Author (no .MDS as I said) and it works. Only on computers, I must say, but it works.

So 4gb seems to not be a limit.


Ok, but layer break info and something more, I suppose. What more?

If I throw a single layer DVD game on my burner and I create a image with DVD Decrypter, I get both .MDS and .ISO files. What info is being stored here in the .MDS file?

Just curiosity.


I finally did Encore DVD creating .IMG file plus DDecrypter burning with bitsetting to DVD-ROM and it works great.


How can I reset the counter?


Use Binflash or WinBtype


The firmware on the drive counts for BS or not…


WinBtype doesnt work, this number are going down anyway


Binflash should work. But it’s the only program I know of at the moment that has this functionality


DVDit PE is creating occasionally images which when burned with Nero or Alcohol are always playable on computer but not always playable on standalone even with SL size. Don´t know why. Creating DVD Folder and burning with Nero works fine anytime.