New DVD Decrypter (14/10/2003)

Change Log

DVD Decrypter (14/10/2003)

Implemented proper XP / 2003 Autoplay functionality
Implemented a second/third level of I/O Debug mode
Implemented code for reading info from ADIP (DVD+R / +RW)
Increased maximum buffer size to 128 MB
Improved network reading efficiency
Improved ‘Erase Disc’ routines to allow manual selection of media type if auto detect should fail
Improved automatic filesystem checking
Improved brute force CSS cracking method
Improved ‘Device Not Ready’ code to display the reason for not being ready!
Improved drive handling in SPTI mode - no longer locks all drives!
Improved UDF parsing code - for files with multiple Allocation Descriptors
Improved PUO removal from IFO files
Added ‘RCE Protection’ status to all modes
Added warning for RCE discs
Added warning if image wont fit on disc in ISO Write mode
Added the option of always minimizing to the system tray - via the settings
Added the option of minimizing to the system tray - via the system menu
Added support for latest MDS file specification
Added new LST file format - plain text list of image files/parts to burn in ISO Write mode
Added a context menu to destination folder / file labels
Added the ability to always make the program load in a particular ‘Mode’ (i.e. File, IFO etc.)
Added the ability to remove PUOs from VOB files
Added ‘Remove PUOs’ to the Tools -> IFO menu
Fixed ISO Label changing code
Fixed ‘write speed not supported’ problem with some drives
Fixed ‘&’ underscore bug in volume labels / folder names
Fixed file association bug
Fixed ‘ReZero Unit’ I/O Error bug
Fixed file rename issue on Windows 9x machines
Fixed memory error in IFO parsing code
Fixed an issue with the RCE removal code
Fixed a bug in the ISO9660 filesystem parsing code
Fixed a bug in file mode that caused all the remaining files to be skipped after an error occurred
Made some naming change in the OGG info file

It’s also the CDFreaks news page. :wink:

Where to d/l ?

They still have the old version ( on the site…

it’s right at the top of the download page.


No they dont.

Refresh your browser. I’ve tested both mirrors (about 12 hours ago infact) and they worked fine - both giving me the new one.

I expect your ISP or someone is caching the page.

I’ve just started a DVD Decrypter guide, for the Tutorial subforum, after studying the app, in some depth, for the last two weeks. It’s good to see that not much has changed, meaning it’s solid and does what’s asked of it. Nice touches though.

Well I try not to mess with the ‘functionality’ of the program too much because people are used to how it works and I’m happy with it :slight_smile:

Oh for your tutorial, dont forget about the little old context menus. Where I’ve implemented them, they can save you a whole bunch of time! i.e. in the stream processing (check) list boxes. Of course that all depends on how ‘newbie’ friendly the guide will be!

You might find some of the default settings have been changed. I’ve made it as fool proof as possible and its aimed at people using tools like CloneDVD, DVD2One and DVDShrink right from the start. (Notice it now loads up in File mode and not IFO mode, and that ALL files are selected - you’ve no idea how many times i’ve had to tell people to rip in the way to get other programs to work!!!)

NP. Yep, CloneDVD needs just the main movie VOBs but all the .IFOs

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Mmm, I’m sure something could be arranged :slight_smile: but it’s so unproblematic a subforum might waste away … :stuck_out_tongue: Wanna have a go anyway? :cool: