New DVD crashes DVD Shrink 3.2



Hi again! I’m back at my computer, trying to pick up where I left off backing up my DVD (and VHS) collection, after being sidelined by my old computer crashing, a back injury and disabling medication adjustments. I’ve now got a “new” (i.e. second-hand, but “new to me”) computer, my back is healing and I’m adjusting to life without the meds that had been keeping me going for quite some time.

Since I’m on a very small fixed income, I seldom am able to afford to buy brand new DVDs, so I’ve built my collection from used DVDs that I find at yard sales, bargain bins at the supermarket & video stores, thrift stores, second hand book stores, etc.

Now that I know how to back up my DVDs, the first thing I do when I get a new DVD (after playing it once to make sure it plays OK), is to back it up.

Well, I just got a “new” DVD and played it last night, and it plays fine. The playing surface does have obvious signs of wear: a smattering of lots of light, fine scratch marks, but it still played without a hitch in my old hand-me-down JVC DVD player.

But, this morning, when I tried to make a back-up copy with DVD Shrink 3.2, the program locked up after I clicked the Open Disk command and I had to manually kill the program because it had become unresponsive.

Any ideas what could cause this behavior? I’ve backed up quite a few DVDs using DVD Shrink coupled with Nero and don’t think this has ever happened with any of my other DVDs, many of which are far more scratched than this one is.


Shrink hasn’t been updated in years, while DVD ‘protections’ have. DVD Fab can rip most of the newer titles.


When you download the trial for DVDFab, the entire program will work for you, but only for the length of the trial. It includes the ability to compress the movie to fit your target dvd.

DVDFab has a free section within it, called DVDFab HD Decrypter. It will continue to work as a ripping/decryption program even after the trial ends. The only caveat is that it lags behind the paid version by about 30 to 60 days on copy protection abilities. It is the closest thing you will find to an up to date, free decryption program for dvds.

Once the trial ends, you simply rip the entire movie to the hard drive using DVDFab. Then use DVDShrink to reduce the size of the movie if necessary.

Get the download here: (under the DVDtoDVD title)


Thanks olyteddy & Kerry56,

I downloaded DVDFab (December 31, 2009) and gave it a try.

When I ran it I was unable to find the HD Decrypter, so I tried DVD to DVD>Main Movie.

It took a long time, about an hour or so, but finally I heard the signal that it was finished and when I looked at my monitor I saw a message that said it had successfully backed up the movie.

However, when I took the DVD-R from the burner, I saw that only about half the DVD was burned. And when I played it on my DVD player, both picture and sound were broken up so that it was unwatchable.

This is not a new movie. I usually get my DVDs years after they are released when they finally make it to the bargain bins. This particular DVD was released in 2006. So I don’t think I would need the latest decryption software.

I just tried a different program called DVD Decrypter 3.5.4 and it failed to decrypt the DVD.

Here’s what the log looks like:

I 21:47:02 Extracting Sectors…
W 21:47:02 Sector 10153 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)

Here follows a long string of “Pack Headeer Not Found” lines and then:

W 21:47:03 Sector 10214 - Pack Header Not Found (0x00000000)
E 21:47:56 Failed to read Sector 10215 - Unrecovered Read Error
E 21:47:58 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:57

Does that provide any clues?


DVDDecrypter hasn’t been updated in quite a long time either. Advanced protection schemes that use structural protection will be too much for DVDDecrypter alone.

Update to the latest version of DVDFab. It will tell you that your trial has finished, but now the only thing you will be able to do with the program is decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive.

It will [B]not[/B] shrink the movie to fit, and it will [B]not[/B] burn it to the disk for you.


Another possible avenue of attack, the forum ‘Search’ function. Search for the movie’s title and see if anyone else has already solved it.


The rip with DVDFab should be decrypted.So burnable.
You might as well learn the method necessary for after the trial expires.
At that time you will have the free version.As Kerry56 posted it doesn’t compress(shrink) or burn.The updates for later movies are also delayed.Probably 30 to 60 days.
Look at beef barley’s posts for the method:


Hi cholla!

I used DVD Fab to rip the movie to my HD, and then looked at it with VLC Media Player.

Here’s what it looked like:


Weird. That shouldn’t be happening.

If you haven’t tried the trial for AnyDVD yet, now might be a good time for it.
Install it, let it run and [B]right click[/B] on the fox icon at the bottom right of the screen. You’ll get a list of options. Click on Rip VideoDVD to Hard disk.
Once you have the movie on the hard drive, try to play it with VLC first, before compressing with Shrink.

DVDFab and AnyDVD are the two best dvd decryption programs available anywhere. If they cannot rip the movie, you’re pretty much out of luck. Does the movie play correctly from the original disk?


Hi Clueless ,

Try loading the movie into DVDShrink & use it’s preveiw to look at the movie.
If it still looks messed up in the DVDShrink preveiw .
Try changing the settings in Edit/Preferences/Preveiw/ Select DirectX video renderer
Try all in the pulldown if necessary.
Then post if it still looks messed up .
If it does I would say you have a bad rip & need to try again.
BTW a right click on the preveiw screen will let you use full screen.
Finally in DVDFab make sure you are using DVD to DVD & not any of the blueray .


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2495561]Weird. That shouldn’t be happening.

If you haven’t tried the trial for AnyDVD yet, now might be a good time for it.[/QUOTE]


Thanks, Kerry56! AnyDVD did the trick!

It’s a shame it’s so pricey; I’ll never be able to afford to buy the license for it. I don’t suppose they’ll let medownload the trial version again some time in the future should I ever again run into another DVD that just won’t back up.

Oh, well. It seems to have worked perfectly for me this time around, so why worry about hypothetical future problems, right?

So, now that I have the movie on my hard drive, did I understand you to say that DVD Shrink can be used to burn it to a DVD?


You can use DVDShrink to compress the movie, or select only the main movie if that is your wish. Shrink can burn automatically to a blank disk if you have it set to do so with Nero or DVDDecrypter, but has no native burning ability of its own.

You can also burn the movie with Shrink using ImgBurn, if you have the version of Shrink that can utilize ImgBurn. You can find that version here:
Read the instructions in the first post of that thread.

Normally I just output as an ISO and burn with ImgBurn afterwards, rather than letting Shrink do it automatically.


Thanks Kerry56!

This afternoon I used DVD Shrink to burn a back up from the files I extracted with the trial version of AnyDVD.

The backup plays perfectly!

Thanks again for all the help!